Pablo Dapena, Saleta Castro and Víctor Arroyo in the Top 10 of the LD World Championship

Today has been played in Almere the LD Triathlon World Championship in the test Challenge Almere, where there were 3 Spaniards on the starting line.  Pablo Dapena, Saleta Castro y Víctor Arroyo

The victory has been for Kristian Hogenhaug with a time of 07: 37: 46 followed by Jesper Svensson and by Reinaldo Colucci in third position

As for the Spanish, Pablo was sixth and Víctor Arroyo eighth

In the women's event Sarissa de vries the victory has been followed by Manon Genet  and by Michelle Vesterby  third. Saleta Castro It has been eighth


Men's 10 Top

Post Athlete Time
1 Kristian Høgenhaug 7:37:46
2 Jesper Svensson 7:39:25
3 Reinaldo Colucci 7:45:15
4 Evert Scheltinga 7:49:32
5 Thomas Steger 7:54:56
6 Pablo Dapena Gonzalez 7:55:54
7 Tomas Renc 7:56:06
8 Victor Arroyo Bugallo 8:00:17
9 Milan brons 8:00:49
10 Joao Francisco Ferreira 8:03:36

Top 10 female

Post Athlete Time
1 Sarissa De Vries 8:32:04
2 Manon Genet 8:34:22
3 Michelle Vesterby 8:38:53
4 Elisabetta Curridori 8:41:08
5 Leanne fanoy 8:45:14
6 Sarah Crowley 8:48:37
7 Annah Watkinson 8:51:07
8 Saleta Castro 9:12:44
9 Line Bond 9:13:33
10 Simona Krivankova 9:17:01


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