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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

No Drafting Series launches the Orihuela 70.0 + Valencia 113 Olympic Pack

From today Monday to the 10: 00, the No Drafting Series circuit launches a promotion on its website so you can compete in these two tests at a reduced price.

On the one hand you can participate in the Orihuela MH 70.0 the April 22 (1,9-60-10,3) and in the Valencia 113 in Olympic distance the June 10 for only 80 €

 No Draftiing Series Pack

You can register from this link:

The No Drafting Series circuit organized by the A300w club, this year consist of 12 tests in 7 venues, where a Championship of Spain, three Cups of Spain and a Regional Championship will be played

Further information:  http://www.nodraftingseries.com/

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