Pakillo Fernandez and Esther Leal win the triathlon of Salamanca

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This weekend has been celebrated with the presence of 300 triathletes where the heat has been the main protagonist.

On Sunday, the third edition of the Triathlon Media Distancia of Salamanca where the Extremadura Pakillo Cortes and the one settled in Madrid Esther Leal They have taken the victory. The circuit consisted of 1.900 meters of swimming, by the River Tormes, 90 kilometers of cycling in a circuit on the outskirts of Salamanca, and 21 km of running on foot through the capital of Salamanca.

In the men's test, the fastest was Pakillo Fernández  getting the victory with a 3 time: 55: 57, followed by Gonzalo Orozco (3: 59: 18) and the local broker  Alberto Bravor (4:02:10). Diego Paredes it was fourth

Pakillo commented at the finish line to the Salamanca grandstand: “The route seemed easier than it has been done because the bike circuit was very fast, but it breaks legs, and the passing of kilometers and the heat has made it very hard”. 

“My tactic was to swim to the fullest, go strong on the bike until kilometer 50 or so and raise my foot a little to run with a bit of guarantees. But the heat has toughened the test a lot and since the second round on foot I have felt quite bad, although I have been able to control my rivals, who were coming very strongs ", 

Podium of the Triathlon MD salamanca 2017

As for the category of females, the winner has been Esther Leal (4:53:54), followed by Andrea Cordero (4: 56: 31) and María José Sillaurren (5: 05: 43) occupying the third final position.

Esther Leal, commented on their social networks "I am happy with the victory of yesterday, achieved by managing miseries and pulling coconut for a long time. But the day was hard for everyone, and I want to congratulate the rest of the participants, because I'm sure we all had our own fight against the elements. "

 In addition to the medium distance test, an Olympic triathlon was held, where Mario García and Garbiñe García took the victory




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Photo: Facebook Pakillo / Esther Leal

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