Pamplona headquarters of the MD European Triathlon Championships  

In the heart of Navarra, Pamplona is preparing to shine on the international triathlon scene.  

The city, famous for its San Fermín festivals and its rich history, becomes the epicenter of the European triathlon.  

In 2024, it will host the Spanish Middle Distance Triathlon and Aquabike Championships, and in 2025, it will elevate its status by hosting the European MD Triathlon Championships, along with the Aquathlon and Aquabike championships. 

José Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI), has highlighted the choice of Pamplona as a strategic and exciting decision. “Pamplona is an iconic city in middle distance triathlon. Their commitment to our sport and ability to offer a unique experience to European athletes is unmatched.“said Hidalgo. The city not only promises exciting competitions, but also an immersion in its culture and gastronomy. 

Triathlon in Navarra has seen significant growth, driven in part by figures such as Javier Gómez Noya y Mario Mola, who have served as an inspiration for many emerging athletes.  

Jorge Aguirre, director of the Navarro Sports Institute, highlighted the importance of these role models and how they have contributed to the rise of triathlon in the region. 

An Event Beyond Sports  

Raúl Armendáriz, Councilor for Sports of Pamplona, ​​stressed the importance of the event beyond the sporting competition. “This event is a celebration of sportsmanship and unity in our city“said Armendariz. 

Pamplona's commitment to organizing a championship that highlights triathlete excellence and promotes values ​​such as teamwork and personal improvement is evident. 

Preparations and Expectations  

Patxi Martínez, president of the Navarra Triathlon Federation, highlighted the collaboration between the different institutions to make this project a reality. “PGoing from a Spanish championship to a European championship in two years is a remarkable achievement“Commented Martínez. 

 The city is preparing to receive more than 2.000 athletes and 4.000 companions, generating a significant economic return and promoting tourism and local culture. 

Pamplona: A Tourist and Sports Destination  

Beyond being a sports venue, Pamplona is a city with a rich history and culture.  

Known for its San Fermín festivals, the city also offers a variety of tourist and cultural attractions.  

The triathletes' companions will be able to enjoy its medieval architecture, its exquisite gastronomy and its green spaces, ideal for outdoor activities. 


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