Luxury participation in the TriStar Mallorca 2012

The second edition of TriStar Mallorca will once again be one of the most interesting and competitive events of the season in Europe.

The Balearic event is attracting many top-level professionals, such as Johannes Moldan, Andi Fuchs, Joerie Vansteelant, Philip Graves, Joel Jameson, Tim Brydenbach, or the Spanish Alejandro Santamaría and Richard Calle, among others, who will fight for the victory in the category male. Among the women, the already registered Eimear Mullan, Sophie De Groote, Michaela Giger or Merja Kiviranta stand out. The first classified will be distributed a total of € 10.000 in cash.

The starting line of the TriStar Mallorca 2012, which takes place on April 15, will be full of international stars, as happened in the last edition with the presence of some world champions and a large group of well-known international triathletes.

Less than two months before the appointment, the presence of professionals of the stature of German is now official Johannes Moldan –Winner of the TriStar Monaco in 2011–, of the Austrian Andi Fuchs –Winner of the TriStar Split– or Joerie Vansteelant, reigning world long distance duathlon champion.

Other top names will be announced in the coming weeks, already joining the British. Philip Graves, Rich Sumpter, Ben Howard or the official TriStar ambassador Joel Jameson, Swedish Bjorn Andersson, Estonian Ain-Alar Juhanson (twice winner in Lanzarote) or the Belgian Tim Brydenbach, in one of the first triathlons on the European calendar. In the female category, the competition will be equally exciting with the presence of the current champion, the Irish Eimear Mullan, Sophie De Groote, Michalea Giger or Merja Kiviranta, They will go up to Sant Salvador twice to cover the TriStar111 distance (1 km of swimming, 100 km of cycling and 10 km of running).

These professionals, like the 500 registered in the 'age groups' category, will go up to Sant Salvador twice to complete the 111 kilometers of route (1 km of swimming, 100 km of cycling and 10 km of running). A total of € 10.000 will be distributed following the ITU regulations.

Among the registered national triathletes are Alejandro Santamaría, one of the best in long distance in Spain last year and third place in the first TriStar event in Andalusia in 2009, and Richard Calle, which was the winner in 2011 of the TriStar55.5 Mallorca and which now makes the jump to the 111 format in this present edition, after getting on the podium in the Spanish Championship recently held in Valencia. “The TriStar55.5 Mallorca seemed like an ideal distance for people who enjoy on two wheels and like to run fast. The 500 meters of swimming are a procedure to later get on the bike and have a little of everything. A first section of slides, then a section of being coupled at high speed (if the wind is good) and finally the climb to Sant Salvador, simply spectacular. Last year I won the short distance and this year I hope to get better in km to be able to face the queen test with guarantees. At the moment I have trained much better and I am sure that I will arrive in better shape ”indicates Richard Calle.

TriStar111 Mallorca is open to individual triathletes or by relay teams made up of two or three participants. On the same day, the TriStar55.5 will replace the previous Olympic triathlon with a total length of 55.5 kilometers.

The route of the TriStar111 and the 55.5 are the same, the participants of the 111 doing two laps of the 50 km cycling circuit and another two to the 5 km pedestrian circuit for one the participants in the 55.5. The swimming will be in the bay of the port of Portocolom, to continue with a cycling route that will take you to the spectacular and hard climb to the mountain of Sant Salvador, known by thousands of triathletes and cyclists who visit Mallorca every year, with a height of 494 meters and an incredible panoramic view of the island and the southeast coast. The race on foot will pass through the old town of Portocolom, passing through one of its beaches before crossing the finish line of the TriStar Mallorca.

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