Participants from 12 countries successfully complete the Virtual Series 2 of Club La Santa,

Its third edition is already prepared: a marathon

Club Santa recover the modality running for the Virtual Series 3, with media marathon and a marathon to be held between August 25 and 30

It was the first virtual duathlon in the Canary Islands

 The La Santa Virtual Series 2 Club, first virtual duathlon Organized in the Canary Islands, it concluded successfully yesterday after five days of competition.

Dozens of participants from 12 countries, several of them resident in the Canary Islands, completed a test in which the Danish prevailed Kasper Laumann, who managed to finish the three segments (5 kilometers of race, 20 of cycling and 2,5 of race) in a provisional time of 00:50:17. In the female category, the winner was Lisa lersch with a mark of 01: 12: 42.

The best-ranked canary was Fabio Cabrera, who completed all three distances at 01:09:28, while in the women's category the first canary was Carla Medina, with 02:55:09.

Organized by Club La Santa

The proof was organized by Club La Santa, a hotel and sports complex located in Lanzarote, a benchmark in the sector and responsible for other careers already established in the national and international calendar, such as the IRONMAN 70.3, scheduled for October.

The competition had participants from 12 countries on three continents: Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy and the United States.

The mechanics of participation was simple: the enrollees published on their profile, at the end of their tests, a screenshot of the device they use to play sports with time, distance and date.

The event, backed by Turismo Lanzarote and Lanzarote European Sports Destination, brought together in many parts of the world not only professional athletes but also sports fans, many of whom completed their first duathlon.

Those under 18 also participated

Also to children under 18, who traveled a shorter distance (2 kilometers of race, 10 of cycling and 1 of race) and even children, who made free distance.

In fact, the age of the registrants ranged from 5 to 77 years, reinforcing the sporting and popular character of the competition.

The award ceremony, which will be broadcast on Club La Santa's Facebook and YouTube profile, will be held this week.

"We are very happy with this Virtual Series 2 because it has been shown once again that sport, whether face-to-face or virtual, is a very powerful link between people from many parts of the world and of different ages," said Fabio Cabrera, director of the race. , which is already finalizing the details of the third edition.

The Virtual Series 3, with marathon distance

Virtual Series 3 will return to the running mode, with two categories: marathon (42 kilometers and 195 meters) and half marathon (21 kilometers and 97 meters), which sThey can be completed individually or by relay.

It will be held between days 25th and 30th of next August, both included, and registrations, which will cost 10 euros, can be made from next August 3 on the Club La Santa website (

The enrolled they can run from anywhere in the world, whenever the authorities of each country allow it, and the mechanics will be similar: upload a screenshot to the participant's profile with the distance traveled, the time taken and the date once the chosen test is finished.

30% of the proceeds to UNICEF

30% of the proceeds from this Virtual Series 3 will go to UNICEF, just like in Virtual Series 1, held last June in running mode (10K and 5K) and that in Virtual Series 2 (duathlon), finished yesterday.

«At Club La Santa we believe in sports as a way of life and as the best vehicle to build community.

That is why we are very satisfied with the Virtual Series and we are working to design new editions in the coming months, "added Fabio Cabrera, who noted that 45 of the participants in Virtual Series 2 also did so in 1.

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