Patrik Nilsson retires from professional triathlon

The Swedish triathlete Patrik Nilsson has decided to end his professional career after more than a decade in the triathlon elite. The last competition in which he participated was the IRONMAN 70.3 Alcúdia-Mallorca in May, where he had to abandon after completing the swimming segment in 22:53 minutes.

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Patrik Nilsson He has had an outstanding career with moments of great success. In 2016 and 2017, he reached the top 10 of the PTO world rankings, especially notable for his victories at IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona, ​​IRONMAN Barcelona and IRONMAN Copenhagen.

"I have always had a passion and love for triathlon. I have loved the pain we endured and the countless hours of training in the pool, on the bike and running. And no less important, the races“commented Nilsson.

However, as time passed, that passion turned into stress and difficulty, affecting his performance in competitions. Nilsson acknowledged that his feelings towards the sport have changed: “Unfortunately, things change over time. So have my feelings and performance when competing".

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Of the nine races in which he recently participated, he only managed to finish one, the IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz in July 2022, where he finished in 17th position with a time of 9:59:00 hours. This decline in his performance led him to reflect on his future in triathlon.

Throughout his career, Patrik Nilsson He proved to be a formidable competitor, achieving podiums in important competitions. “In my career, I have always believed that I am competitive at the highest level.

I achieved all the podium positions in Frankfurt, in different participations, (3rd in 2017, 2nd in 2018 and won in 2021), a victory in IRONMAN Texas, 8th in my debut in Kona and a finishing time 7:49 a.m. eight years ago, so I guess I was right.“Nilsson recalled.

Despite these achievements, Nilsson recognizes that staying at the top is increasingly difficult due to the high competitive level that exists in triathlon today: “The level today is extremely high and competitive. For me, I cannot see a way back and I lack words to describe the times that are achieved today..

“TerI end my career grateful and proud. Thankful above all to my wife for her unconditional support, and to my family and friends. Many thanks to numerous sponsors and teams – they made it possible for me to live my dream for so many years. To all the fans and followers, thank you”.

As for his future, Nilsson plans to take a break this summer to enjoy time with his family before starting a new professional career. “This summer I will take a break and spend quality time with my family before beginning my next professional career, reinforced by the knowledge, skills and attitudes I carry with me from my years in triathlon.".

Patrik Nilsson says goodbye to professional triathlon after an outstanding career in which he has achieved important results and has been a relevant figure in the world of triathlon.


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