Paul Gasol elected IOC member, Alistar Brownlee stays out

The British triathlete has been left out of the Olympic Athletes Commission in a process where 29 athletes have participated.

Alistair Brownlee y Pau Gasol they shared the candidacy with 28 other athletes from 19 different Olympic sports.

Between July 13 and August 3, 6.825 athletes voted in the elections, representing a participation rate of 61,27%, one of the highest in the history of the AC elections, the first of which was held at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

The most voted was Pau Gasol with 1.888 votes. The other 3 candidates chosen were the Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini, the Japanese fencer yuki ota and the polish cyclist Maja Martyna Wloszczowska.

The 4 selected athletes
IOC / The 4 selected athletes


With this selection, the chosen ones will look after the interests of the athletes until the conclusion of Paris 2024.


IOC voting results
IOC voting results

you can check all the results in this link

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