Specific guidelines for long distance triathlon training

On November 19 the European University of Madrid (UEM) will host the III National Symposium on Endurance Sports. Among the contents discussed we will be able to know, by the hand of professionals specialized in endurance sports, what are the specific guidelines for Long Distance Triathlon training.

During this day, very interesting topics applicable to the training day-day will be discussed, starting with how we can make a basis for Nutritional preparation strategies for long distance triathlons, a fundamental aspect in the preparation of any athlete, but even more so in long-term tests where one of the performance factors is the replacement of energy sources both in training and in competition. This talk will be given by the nutritionist José Miguel Martínez Sanz, who works with the technification triathletes of the Valencian Community.

Another fundamental leg of the training table is the mental capacity to be able to do it, and this issue of psychological preparation is too easily overlooked in the day-to-day of training, it is very necessary not only for the elite athlete, but to face each training day in those where sport is their passion. It will be taught by D. David Llopis.

Getting closer to the concept of quantify the trainingYago Alcalde and Dr. Jonathan Esteven will speak to us, where they will give us practical tools to assess the training load in cycling and triathlon.

And finally we have the great contribution of Alberto García Bataller and his experience in the training in the periods that an athlete comes out of an injury, a somewhat forgotten aspect and that we only treat in the books without seeing the practical aspects that we must take into account

Highlight in this Symposium the presence of Roberto Cejuela, Doctor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport, with the thesis "Analysis of Performance Factors in Olympic Triathlon". According to statements made to Triathlon News «The coach is and must be a scientist, because in the end he experiments every day with his athletes, whether he is aware of it or not, when he orders a training session he does not know exactly how this exercise will modify the internal constants of the athlete who performs them. We only know this from scientific studies that have shown different effects of different types of training on different athletes, but exactly we do not know if that example will have the same effect in our specific case. Therefore a coach must always be at the forefront of scientific knowledgeAlthough you do not have to do experiments or research according to university standards, you must be a small explorer in your own training habitat to discover every day the effect that different training loads have. "Renewed or die" That must be the motto of a coach. ”

In short, we believe that the objective should be to spend a day in which we transmit knowledge among all, and that it will close with a round table where you can interact with all the speakers and attendees »

For more information about the Symposium and Registration download the following link the pdf or you can consult this address: http://www.trimadrid.com/component/content/article/46-triatlon/736-iii-simposio-nacional-para-deportes-de-resistencia.html

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