12th Osoro Pello and Russian double in the Winter Triathlon World Championship

The Russians have won 6 medals

Yesterday was played in Asiago (Italy) on Winter Triathlon World Championship, where the russians Pavel Andreev y Daria Rogozina they have achieved victory

Male classification

Paul Andreev RUSSIAN 01:17:25
brands Rauchfuss CZE 01:17:32
Dmitriy Bregeda RUSSIAN 01:17:58
Giuseppe Lamastra ITA 01:18:46
Paul Yakimov RUSSIAN 01:19:25
franc Pesavento ITA 01:19:48
Oivind Bjerkseth NOR 01:19:58
Robert Gehbauer TUE 01:20:03
Daniel Antonioli ITA 01:20:04
Evgenii Evgrafov RUSSIAN 01:20:50

Female classification

Daria Rogozine RUSSIAN 01:32:22
Anna Medvedeva RUSSIAN 01:33:10
Yulia Surikova RUSSIAN 01:34:01
Svetlana Sokolova RUSSIAN 01:34:27
sandra Mairhofer ITA 01:37:31
Carina Wasle TUE 01:38:14
Romana Slavinec TUE 01:38:57
Maria Luiza Rasina ROU 01:39:18
Aneta Grabmullerova CZE 01:40:59
Nadezhda Belkina RUSSIAN 01:41:01

In addition, in the women's event, the first four places have been for the Russian delegation.

As for the Spanish participation, Pello Osoro has been 12th and Jesús Alberto García 25th

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