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Pello Osoro loses control of the bike and suffers an accident in Azpeitia

In an unfortunate incident, Pello Osoro, a renowned Spanish triathlete, suffered a serious accident while training near Azpeitia.

According to Osoro himself, the accident occurred on a straight line while he was heading to Azpeitia. Without warning, the front wheel of his bicycle locked, throwing him to the ground with great force. “I felt like the wheel had stopped suddenly and I went flying,” Osoro said from the hospital.

In an emotional video posted on his Instagram account, Pello Osoro shared details about the incident: “HToday, Wednesday, four days before the Ironman, I went out by bike because surprisingly it wasn't raining today and I had to take advantage.

I was feeling very well, but suddenly on a flat straight, by myself, without cars or anything, I went to the ground. "I didn't understand what had happened, I noticed that the front wheel had suddenly become locked.".

Osoro added that, after the fall, he moved off the road as best he could and was grateful for the quick response of passing vehicles, as well as the medical assistance he immediately received.

Osoro detailed his injuries and expressed his surprise upon discovering their severity: “They have done all the tests and I have broken my clavicle, scapula, two ribs and a vertebra.

The truth is that right now my back doesn't hurt at all. I have never had the scapula, I have no idea what it is. It's a clean breakup, and in the end it's all bones, waiting and little else.".


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The Ertzaina and the health services quickly went to the scene of the accident.

After an initial on-site evaluation, Pello Osoro He was rushed to the nearest hospital, where he was diagnosed with several significant injuries: a fractured vertebra, two broken ribs, as well as fractures to the clavicle and scapula.

Fortunately, despite the severity of his injuries, Pello Osoro He is out of danger and is under medical observation.

Specialists have indicated that, although the recovery will be long and require intensive rehabilitation, there are no indications that the injuries will compromise his sporting career in the long term.

From Triatlón Noticias we send you all our encouragement and wish you a speedy recovery

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