• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Perico delgado premieres in the cinema with “Bikes”, Filmax's cycling film

The movie opens this week throughout Spain and is ideal to go with children to the movies.

At last the film about bicycles of Filmax is on the big screen, Bikes which has been , nominated for the Goya 2019 awards as best animated movien, whose creators have been inspired by a Cannondale to shape the main character: Speedy.

"BIKES" is developed in Spokesville, a healthy and ideal place to live, work and have fun, located between forests and rivers and inhabited entirely by bicycles. Speedy, it's a fast mountain bike, brave and adorable that, accompanied by his best friends Piñón, an urban bike, Gassy, ​​a friendly air pump, and Montana, a bold bike ride, will lead a movement in defense of the environment before the arrival in the city of " Crabby "gasoline engine and its pollutant emissions.

Pedro Delgado is one of its protagonists, in addition to Carlos Latre or Anabel Alonso  where they give life to one of the characters in this intrepid pedal adventure.

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