Judith Corachán and Pablo Dapena fourth in the Challenge Peguera Mallorca

Victory has been for Pieter Heëmeryck and Radka Kahlefeldt

Today the sixth edition of the Challenge Peguera Mallorca has been held, where 1.200 triathletes have participated.

This edition has been marked by the great level existing in the professional category, the test will feature some of the current stars in the distance.

The sad news of the day has been the death of a triathlete in the swimming segment.

The test that has been contested in medium distance format began at 9 in the morning with the 1.900 meters of swimming where the first to get out of the water was Jan Stratmann followed by Pablo Dapena at 3 seconds and by Kierin Lindars and Mauro Pera at 12.

In the cycling segment, Pieter Heëmeryck quickly put himself in the head, to leave alone and go through the kilometer 60 of the segment with 3 minutes ahead of a group with Robert Kallin, Thomas Steger, Magnus Ditlev, Ruedi Wild and Antony Costes. Pablo Dapena spent eighth at 6 minutes and Victor del Corral 10º at 7.

Heëmeryck came first to T2 with 4 minutes ahead of Kallin. To 5: 40 came a group with Wild, Costes and Steger while Del Corral came eighth, Dapena ninth and Joan Nadal almost 10 minutes.

When passing through the 10 kilometer of the Heëmeryck race, he was still leading with 6 minutes on Wild and Steger. Pablo Dapena climbed to fifth place in 9: 30 and Del Corral remained in eighth position and Nadal was tenth.

In passing through the 16 control point, Heëmeryck increased its difference a little more by passing with 6: 30 of advantage over Wild and Steger, while Dapena was already fourth.

Finally the Belgian Pieter Heëmeryck He has achieved victory with a time of 3:49:57. Second has been Thomas Steger (3: 54: 13) and third Ruedi Wild (3: 56: 09).

As for the Spanish Pablo Dapena (3: 59: 18) has been fourth, Víctor del Corral (4: 03: 22) 6º, Joan Nadal (4: 04: 02) 8º as the first Balearic.

Radka Kahlefeldt takes the victory

In the women's event, the first to come out of the water was Radka Kahlefeldt followed by Fenella Langridge at 6 seconds and by Judith Corachán at 18. Laura Gómez was fourth starting at 30 seconds.

In the Langridge cycling segment with a good pace is the one that was opening a gap in the head of the race to pass in the first kilometer 60 with 1 minute lead over Kahlefeldt and 5: 20 over a group with Judith Corachán, Laura Gómez and Lisa Hütthaler .

Kahlefeldt traced in the last part of the segment and came first to T2 with almost 4 minutes over Hütthaler, Corachán and Gómez.

In the passage through the kilometer 5, Kahlefeldt continued as leader with Corachán second to 4: 40 and Gómez third to 5: 20.

At the checkpoint of the 15th km of the race, Kahlefeldt was first with 6:30 ahead of Jeanne Collonge and 7:30 over Corachán who moved to third position. Laura Gómez was fifth, almost 10 'ahead of the race.

Finally, the victory went to Radka Kahlefeldt with a time of 4: 21: 42 followed byr Jeanne Collonge (4: 27: 34) and for Lisa Hüttaler (4: 28: 59) in third position.

Judith Corachán (4: 30: 28) came in fourth position, Laura Gomez (4: 31: 10) has been fifth and Dolca Ollé (4: 49: 14) has been tenth.

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