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Pirene Xtreme Triathlon, a challenge where you will discover your limits

If your goal for the 2018 is to live the experience of an extreme triathlon, here is a national product that 26 May of 2018 already celebrates its 2th edition: Pirene Xtreme Triathlon

Adventure, effort, ability to excel and teamwork come together so you can enjoy this long distance triathlon in one of the most spectacular landscapes of our country. Pirene Xtreme Triathlon surprised all the participants of his first edition for the strength and bravery with which they had to face their 223 km, but also for the environment, the roads and the roads they traveled. All this added to the organization, familiarity and camaraderie that was breathed in the environment, definitely qualified as a unique test in the world. 

Pirene Xtreme Triatlhlon, from the Pyrenean village of Cellers to 370 m from sea level, to the 2.100m of altitude from the ski slopes of Port del Comte, it will make you accumulate in each leg a total of unevenness 6.500m positive, and although its bike circuit is hard because you will have to complete three mountain passes, what will surprise you are its 42km of pure Trail Running that hide the odd surprise.

PireneXtri opens registrations for its second edition, so if you want the 2018 to be a different year full of new goals, do not hesitate to dream of being a Finisher of this extreme triathlon. Conquer the top and cross the Pyrenean Xtreme Triathlon finish line may be your greatest achievement. If in the day to day you are able to force your mind to train your body.

Pirene Xtreme Triathlon, mountain race


Our purpose is to TEACH YOU THE WAY. You CROSS THE GOAL!

Further information: http://pirenextri.com/

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