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The pools will open in Phase 2

Professionals and federated may access by appointment

Yesterday a modification of the order was published in the BOE SND / 388/202 May 3, which regulates the activity of professional and federated athletes and Phase 2 of the de-escalation

As for federated athletes who until now could not leave their municipal area, the new rule already allows training within your province.

Also in Phase 2 the new Order SND / 414/2020 allow do sports without a time limit, respecting the time slot of the elderly

Pools and professional sports

In this new order, the reopening of indoor sports facilities and swimming pools for sports use, specifying making an appointment and establishment of hourly shifts in order to avoid crowds.

That is, you can go swimming, by appointment if you are a professional or federated athlete

As soon as to the general public, conditions are established to guarantee safety of people who allow swimming pools to be opened to the general public.

Things to Know

  • You must make an appointment
  • A federal license must be carried
  • Only individually, 2 people in permitted cases
  • Cannot be accessed by coach, unless accredited
  • Limit of 30% or 1 athlete per street
  • Locker rooms may be used

Opening of swimming pools for sports use.

1. You can proceed to opening of outdoor or indoor pools for carrying out sports activities with the limitations contained in this article.

2. Any person may access them, having character preferential access for integrated athletes, through the corresponding license, in the sports federation whose sports modalities and specialties are developed in the aquatic environment; swimming, rescue and lifeguard, triathlon, modern pentalo and underwater activities.

3. Sports activity will require prior appointment with the managing entity of the installation. To do this, time shifts will be organized, outside of which you will not be able to stay at the facility.

4. In the swimming pools the individual sports practice or those practices that can be developed by a maximum of two people in the case of modalities thus practiced, always without physical contact, maintaining the appropriate safety and protection measures, and in any case the safety distance of two meters.

Likewise, the limit of thirty percent of capacity for sports use in each pool, both in terms of access and during the practice itself, except when the pool is divided by training lanes, a situation in which you can only exercise a street athlete, enabling an access system that prevents the accumulation of people and that complies with safety and health protection measures.

5. Only a coach can access with athletes if it is necessary, a circumstance that must be duly accredited, with the exception of persons with disabilities or minors who require the presence of a companion.

6. The changing rooms may be used, respecting the provisions to that effect in the general prevention and hygiene measures against COVID-19 indicated by the health authorities.

7. Cleaning and disinfection shall proceed in accordance with the provisions of articles 44 and 45.

Likewise, at the end of each shift, the pool beach and common areas will be cleaned and, on each shift, shared material should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

At the end of the day, the facility will be cleaned, reducing the permanence of the staff to a minimum number sufficient for the adequate provision of the service.

8. In any case, the owners of the facility must comply with the basic standards of sanitary protection of the Ministry of Health.

If other activities are carried out in the sports facility, or other non-sports additional services are provided, they must comply with the specific regulations that correspond in each case.

That is what was published in the BOE

In the field of sport, the conditions under which professional and federated sports activities must be carried out are established, both for basic training in federated non-professional leagues, and for total training in professional leagues.

Likewise, the criteria and conditions for the resumption of professional leagues and for the reopening of indoor sports facilities and swimming pools for sports use are established, requiring prior appointment and establishment of time shifts in order to avoid crowds, thus such as compliance with the necessary hygiene and protection measures.

The conditions for opening recreational pools to the public are also established, providing the necessary measures to ensure that both the facilities and the water in the glass are free of pathogenic microorganisms and substances that may negatively affect the health of the user.


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