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Controversial viral campaign for the use of the helmet in Germany «It looks like crap, but it saves my life»

German has launched a campaign of mentalization for the use of helmet with models in underwear

The German transport minister has launched an awareness campaign for the helmet use in Germany, who has used models in underwear, which has started the controversy and has achieved the viralization

'It looks shitty, but it saves my life. '. That is the slogan of a campaign that has revolutionized the whole of Germany. The traffic minister himself, Andi Scheuer, presents it.

He is able to be recorded on a scooter through the corridors of the ministry to promote a new law and has received responses of all kinds. The leader of the Social Democratic women has been very tough and has also received friendly fire.

The minister, a partymate, tells him that the helmet can also be worn wearing clothes. According to official statistics, only 8% of German cyclists wear a helmet. Last year 430 cyclists died on German roads.

The minister commented, that he has achieved his goal, that it is talked about


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