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The Government is asked to end impunity in the abuses of cyclists

The initiative # porunaleyjusta reaches the Cortes of Castilla y León to urge the Government of Spain to adopt measures

Yesterday December 2 the socialist pocurador by Soria, Angel Hernandez, has presented in the Cortes of Castilla y León a proposal not law for the Junta de Castilla y León to urge the Government of Spain to adopt measures in accordance with the initiative # porunaleyjusta .

This campaign started by Anna González López after a clueless driver run over her husband When he was practicing sports on his bicycle and he fled without giving aid, he seeks modify the laws of the penal code that regulates homicides due to imprudence that at the moment are allowing many lives of cyclists they are being paid without consequences for their cause.

More and more collective cyclists, among them great sports referents such as Pedro Delgado, They are showing their support for #byunaleyjust and its promoter, Anna González. In fact that morning, in the presentation of the proposal of Hernandez in the regional courts, the secretary general of the Association of Professional Cyclists, Alfonso Triviño, the Cycling Federation of Castilla y León represented by its president Roberto Coca and the Federation of Triathlon of Castile and Leon with its president Amancio del Castillo at the head and several triathletes uniformed with the badges of the federation, have wanted to accompany and support both Anna and Angel in front of the building of the regional courts.

noticias_entrega-petition-unalejusta-cortes-castilla-leon The Government is asked to end impunity in the abuses of cyclists News Triathlon

The great goal of #porunaleyjusta is to end that the Abuses on Spanish roads continue to be resolved by civil law and re-measured by criminal law, a situation that implies that the lack of protection that athletes already have on a road before the rest of vehicles is also transferred to the legislative section.

A good example that demonstrates this defenselessness is the case of González, since the death of her husband was resolved by being filed without trial because it is a minor imprudence substantiated in the civil field.

As well has denounced the Castilian and Leonan attorney Ángel Hernández, with Current legislation has the same consequences as the death of a cyclist as a blow that is resolved with a defect in the body.

Anna's fight since then and to which more cyclists join every day, will not be easy, so it still becomes necessary a popular support that goes beyond the 183.500 signatures registered on the platform in the campaign # porunaleyjusta, but it's well worth it.

Without going any further, this year at least three federated Castilian and Leonese triathlon have been run over in our region. Fortunately, in all cases they were able to return home, however, and unfortunately, this has not always been the case in recent years.

Press Release: Press Federation Castilla y León

Photo: Psoe Castilla y León

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