• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Most relevant questions that arose in the round table expo tri zone, presented by Dani Marquez, Finisher triathlon magazine.

Victor, after competing in international XTERRA events, a format similar to the Cros Triathlon, and proclaiming yourself the European Champion of this discipline.Why do you think that the Cros Triathlon is not recognized in our country and does not have so many triathletes who practice it ?

The XTERRA are really internationally recognized circuits, more than the Cros Triathlon, I think the success is based on the fact that these first ones are more “hard” and spectacular. In Spain there is no similar format.

 Xavi, will you ever compete in long distance?

(laughing) ... well, one day we'll have to try it ...

General question Why is a test as important as the Spanish Triathlon and Duathlon Cros Championship suspended so soon after the test?

Xavi: For the development of the test, a very large economic investment is necessary and people working 24 hours a day the days before and on the day of the test, many times this is not seen from the outside. In the time that we live, it is very difficult to obtain this financing from public funds to carry out a test of this magnitude, sometimes they have to be suspended, because there are no necessary resources to carry them out.

Dani Marquez, Finisher Magazine and Moderator: The main source of funding for a Championship in Spain is the local councils that host these events, in the time that we live, it is very difficult to achieve the necessary budgets for the organizer to carry out a Championship of Spain is not a matter for the Spanish Federation or the organizer itself, who do everything possible to carry out these Championships, it is a problem of lack of funding.

Victor and Xavi Is it enough to make a ironman a year and a half of running base?

Victor: in my opinion it is advisable to go through the rest of the distances before, having competed in a marathon, being used to doing long runs of the bike and of course having gone through all the distances, sprint, Olympic and half, in my opinion it is possible but a little fair.

Xavi: If you have a strong marathon base, training the rest of the disciplines and testing what Triathlon is in some test, clearly including middle distance, you could finish it in this time.

 In addition to these four questions, which were the most relevant during the Round Table, we were able to count on the presence of Luis Genius, Director of Extreme Man by Androactive and Wild Wolf Triathlon Series by Polar, which broadly details what an organization of a circuit is and why one city or another is chosen to host the venues, obtaining the necessary support to ensure that the circuits are spectacular, unique and meet all the quality requirements for the development of them.

Ramiro Lahera, Marketing Director of Ecotrimad and Ecodumad, explained this new cros duathlon format by teams, detailing both projects.

On behalf of the brands, we were able to count on the presence of Jordi, General Director of Compresport, which details the technical characteristics of this product, emphasizing the rise of this type of compression stockings and clothing that several brands have developed in the last period that have come out new to the market, which helps to investigate, improve and above all are a guarantee that these products have positive results for workouts.

Pepe Navarro, Distributor of Hed, Sailfish and Mulebar, with more than 20 years practicing triathlon, he told us about the evolution of this sport as well as the evolution in research and development of new products during these two decades that have helped us improve the quality of training and results in competition.

For all of you who are in Barcelona or have the possibility of getting closer to the city of Barcelona, ​​you can visit the Booths in Pavilion number 6 of the Fira de Barcelona. 

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