How much will the IRONMAN World Champion earn in 2023?  

Nice, known for its constant sunshine and stunning seaside location, is preparing to host the IRONMAN 2023 World Championship this next Sunday  

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This city, the fifth largest in France and the second largest in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, is no stranger to the world of triathlon.  

In fact, Nice It became the birthplace of long-distance triathlon in Europe in 1982. 

History of Nice in Triathlon 

Since hosting the “Nice International Triathlon” in 1982, the city has hosted numerous renowned triathlon events.  

Among them, the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championship on five occasions between 1994 and 2002.  

Furthermore, elite athletes such as Paula Newby-Fraser, Mark Allen, Natascha Badmann, Mirinda Carfrae y Frederik Van Lierde have left their mark on Nice, establishing it as one of the most prestigious triathlon destinations in the world. 

2023 IRONMAN World Championship Awards 

The IRONMAN World Championship in Nice promises not only competition excitement, but also attractive prize money.  

Below is the breakdown of the prizes: 

Position  Prize in USD 
1  $125,000 
2  $65,000 
3  $45,000 
4  $25,000 
5  $20,000 
6  $18,000 
7  $15,000 
8  $13,000 
9  $12,000 
10  $11,000 
11  $8,000 
12  $6,000 
13  $5,000 
14  $4,000 
15  $3,000 

 Favorites for the Title in Nice 

The 2023 IRONMAN World Championship in Nice promises to be an exciting competition and, as usual, there are several names that stand out as favorites: 

  • Jan Frodeno: After winning Kona 2019 and setting a new record, Frodeno has had ups and downs in his career. However, his recent performances in 2023 show that he is still a threat. Nice 2023 will be his last professional triathlon, and he is expected to give his best. 
  • Magnus ditlev: Known for his strength on the bike, Ditlev has set new records and is considered one of the strongest in this segment. The Nice bike tour, with its demanding climbs, could benefit you. 
  • Patrick Lange: Double Ironman World Champion, Lange is known for his impressive running segments. It is expected that in Nice he can once again show his speed and endurance. 

In addition to these three athletes, there are other candidates for the podium that should not be underestimated, such as Denis Chevrot, Clement mignon, Arthur Horseau, Rudy von berg, Joe Skipper y Braden Currie.

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