Get ready for the Triathlon Season in Spain

The new triathlon season in Spain It's just around the corner and it's the perfect time to set goals.

A very important part when training them is have quality material, that is why we make a brief summary of what is considered essential for it in each of its disciplines: swimming, cycling and running.

swimming training for triathlon

Swimming is a key component of the triathlon, and specific training in the pool will allow you to improve your technique, strength and endurance.

One of the most useful materials in water are fins of swimming, that helped to strengthen the legs, improve kick technique and speed, which translates into better marks in the competition.

a swimmer using the fins in training

There are different types of swim fins based on their size, shape, and strength, so choose the ones that fit your skill level and training goals.

Other materials used in the pool are the swimming blades and the pullboy

Our swimming shovels are flat, rigid accessories that are placed in the hands and are designed to increase the contact surface of the water and resistance during the stroke movement.

Using them you can improve stroke technique, strengthen muscles and increase awareness of your position in the water.

For his part, pullboy It is a flotation device that is placed between the legs, at the height of the thighs or knees.

It is usually made of foam and has a asymmetric shape that adapts to the shape of the swimmer's body.

Thanks to him you can keep legs and hips in an elevated position and thus focus on improving stroke technique.

Cycling training for triathlon

Having a good bicycle, and if you compete in medium or long distance, also having a good triathlon coupling it can make a big difference in your performance.

These couplings allow you to train adopting a more aerodynamic and comfortable position, which translates into a pedaling more efficiently and in the long run less fatigue, something important in endurance sports.

a triathlete with the coupling on the bike

Thanks to the fact that it allows you to have a more aerodynamic position that reduces wind resistance allows you to pedal faster and it will make you get better times in competition.

running training

As for the race on foot, it is the simplest in terms of material, but you will also need some good shoes and comfortable clothes  with breathable fabrics that prevent chafing.

A piece of advice that will make you improve in all triathlon disciplines is that do strength, endurance and speed exercises to improve your performance in each of the segments.

Do not settle for going to "mono rhythm", try to vary the intensity and terrain of training to improve your endurance and adaptation to different conditions.

If you want to achieve your goals that you have set for yourself this season, it is essential that you carry out complete and effective training in the three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running.

In addition, as you have been able to read it is It's important to have a good team. of training that includes quality materials, such as swimming fins, triathlon couplings, running shoes and the appropriate clothing for each discipline.

With the right combination of training and materials, you will be able to improve your technique, in each discipline and reach 100% in the competition because every small improvement you make in your training can make a big difference in your results in competition.

If you already have everything, then you just need to visit of our triathlon calendar y Choose the events to participate in this year.

And never forget the motto of Chris nikic, the first triathlete with Down syndrome to complete a IRONMAN, 1% Better.

If you strive to be a 1% stronger, faster and more focused every day you will arrive on the day of the competition in the best possible conditions

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