Presentation of the triathlon day, "The Olympic dream can come to Madrid"

The General Directorate of Sports of the Community of Madrid today hosted the official presentation of the “Women's Triathlon and Triathlon Day”. Pioneering initiative that was born in Madrid in 2007 from the union of the Madrid Triathlon Federation and the Spanish Federation, with the aim of being a promotional project to make triathlon known to the general public and specifically to Women.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Carlota Castrejana, General Director of Sports of the Community of Madrid, Ms. Mercedes Coghen, General Director of Sports of the Madrid City Council, Ms. Marisol Casado President of the ITU (International Triathlon Federation) and Member of the Olympic Committee, Mr. Lorenzo Bernal, President of the Madrid Triathlon Federation, Mr. Enrique Quesada, Director of Results and President of the Technical Committee within the International Federation, and Ms. Ana Burgos, International Triathlete.

Lorenzo Bernal, President of the Madrid Triathlon Federation, was in charge of opening the act, "First of all, I want to thank four women who are a benchmark in Spanish sport for sharing this presentation and supporting this project: Carlota, Mercedes, Marisol and Ana Burgos""Triathlon day was born with the aim of popularizing this sport, which has always been encompassed as a sport for supermen. With the premise of making triathlon known, a fun sport since it unites three disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, Triathlon Day and Women's Triathlon was born. We want to offer a test where everyone can enjoy this sport, creating accessible distances for everyone, from the women's triathlon in super sprint distance, through sprint and Olympic"

Ana Burgos, professional triathlete and a national reference in this sport, he wanted for his part to encourage all women to participate in this day "When I attended the first edition of this event, I was delighted with the excellent reception that the Women's Triathlon had. It is a very beautiful sport that deserves to be shared with the family. With an affordable distance for all women who practice some sport, I think it is a great experience to be able to transmit it to your friends, daughters, family and thus promote this sport among women"

For its part, Mercedes Coghen, Director General of Sports of the Madrid City Council, “Organizing Triathlon Day is a great idea to promote this sport. The Madrid City Council has been collaborating with this initiative for years and I believe that organizing this test is an opportunity to transmit equality"In addition, Mercedes was happy to attend this event and share it with representative people in sport"The Olympic dream can come to Madrid, organizing events such as Triathlon Day and Women's Triathlon is a step, I want to thank the Madrid Triathlon Federation, as well as the Spanish Federation, for giving life to these initiatives and the Community for supporting this event"

During the event, we were also able to count on the presence of Marisol Casado, President of the International Federation and CIO member "It is essential to support initiatives that aim to make sport known, as a sport for all, an inclusive sport. I have always considered the promotion of sport from all areas to be a fundamental axis, this requires continuous work on which I have always bet, since my time at the Spanish Triathlon Federation as General Secretary, with initiatives such as The Women's Triathlon, which Today she is 4 years old, until today as President of the International Federation""Participating in the Women's Triathlon is a great experience, and the women who do it are a role model"

Carlota Castrejana, General Director of Sports of the Community of Madrid, was in charge of closing the event "I want to thank all of you who have come to our house today to present Triathlon Day and for supporting this event, as well as Laetus Sport, its organizer.""With the motto: Let no one be left without doing triathlon, today we are taking a step forward, going further in promoting this sport. Participating in this test requires effort, courage, which has a great reward, reaching the goal""In order for Madrid to become an Olympic City, I want to convey my gratitude to the Madrid Federation, as well as the Spanish Federation for creating these initiatives to promote sport in our community and to present itself as a national benchmark"

Madrid, where almost 500 women and more than 1000 athletes participated last year, will put the finishing touch to this edition of the Women's Triathlon that has had as its headquarters Gran Canaria, San Sebastián, Mérida, Gijón and Valencia and which this year will be the same day as the Triathlon Day that will take place on October 1, 2011 at the Madrid country house. This is a popular 100% test, which is born so that that day EVERYONE can do a "triathlon", since it consists of different distances that are totally affordable for those who want to start in this sport, "That nobody is left without doing triathlon".

This event will count with the disinterested presence of the “trivolunteers” of the Madrid triathlon federation.

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