Official presentation of the Polar athletes: Javier Gómez Noya, Clàudia Galicia and Chema Martínez

Polar has officially presented its Polar Athletes: Javier Gómez Noya, Clàudia Galicia and Chema Martínez


Today, March 16, 2016, the official presentation of three champions, three Polar Athletes, took place in Madrid. The event was welcomed by the main national and sector media, where Triathlon Noticias was located, who were eager to learn about the new challenges of the athletes sponsored by the leading brand in heart rate monitors and training GPS.

As described by the General Director of Polar Ibérica, Manu Lafora, "The three Polar Athletes share our values ​​of discipline, perseverance and responsibility, the harmony with them is total. For us it is a pride that sportsmen like Javi, Clàudia and Chema place their trust in our devices to maximize their performance. Our ambition is to ensure that our products are also used by all sports fans. Exercise moves the world and we encourage people to move."

Polar offers the best training tools to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes, helping them to achieve their next goals.

It is worth highlighting the interesting words of Javier Gómez Noya in which he highlights that "The Polar V800 has everything I need to train and compete. It serves for any sport since it integrates from the heart rate, GPS, altimeter, etc. It is information that allows me to control all the necessary data to see everything we work on and they are very useful for both me and my coach. "

On the other hand, Clàudia Galicia has emphasized by commenting that "I am proud of being able to practice both disciplines (mountain biking and mountain skiing) even knowing that it is not easy to perform two different sports. But I feel fit and able to achieve good results in both disciplines".

And finally, the Polar Athlete recently incorporated into the family of athletes, Chema Martínez, commented that "The next challenge that I face is the Sables Marathon where I will be able to continue enjoying my passion for sport and start a new stage to learn new things. "

Thanks to the event organized by Polar, all the attendees enjoyed a dynamic and enriching day where we learned how Javier Gómez Noya faces the challenge of the Rio Olympic Games, discover the new equipment of the Polar-Trek Team of Clàudia Galicia for this season and Finally, discover the particular challenge Cope in Polar Gran Fondo la Mussara by Chema Martínez.

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