• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Previous Press Conference to Challenge Barcelona

Yesterday afternoon the press conference took place before the competition Challenge Barcelona-Maresme 2013, that this year will also be Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship.



In the men's category, there were three of the clear favorites on the podium at this international event: Tom Lowe, Markus Fachbach y Georg Swoboda, siendo Gustavo Rodríguez  who has represented Spain in this call who also presents himself as one of the clear candidates to achieve the title of Champion of Spain 2013 in this modality.


In the female category, Eva Wutti, Lucie Reed y Tiina Bomann they accompanied Gurutze Frades, current Champion of Spain who will seek in Challenge to achieve his third consecutive title.


After winning only two weeks ago in Challenge HenleyTom Lowe arrives in Spain in search of enjoying this test as well as Markus Fachbach, a regular triathlete at Challenge appointments who confirmed that after Roth he had been impressed with the organization of the event and that he arrived in Barcelona looking for a test of this level after the good recommendations of the four previous editions.


On the other hand Georg Swoboda will go in search of improve at least the 2 minutes your brand, time that took him away in 2012 from achieving the title of this prestigious international event.


Gustavo Rodríguez, professional ex-cyclist and triathlete from the 2010, will make his debut in the Long Distance in this event in which, despite showing his concern for not having experience in a Long Distance event, he showed that he was happy as well as excited about participating in Calella where he will also have the support of several other triathletes.


In the female category, the clear favorite to the podium Eva Wutti she confessed to being somewhat tired after the triumph in Copenhagen where she achieved the third best position in the world at this distance and showed her intention to enjoy the test to the maximum without focusing on time and looking compete for sensations while doing the best possible.


Tiina Bomann y Lucie Reed, winners of the Half and Challenge 2010 event respectively, they declared themselves excited to return to compete in the same international circuit and with the desire to live once again this Challenge experience.


Another featured triathlete, Gurutze Frades, accompanied us in this Press Conference, where he expressed his satisfaction for this exceptional 2013 season, and after winning last August in the Spanish Medium Distance Championship, with his duties well done he arrived in Calella once again in search of revalidating this title for the third consecutive year.


Challenge Barcelona will take place next Sunday the 6th with a total of 1.350 triathletes representing 36 countries, thus consolidating itself on its fifth anniversary as the benchmark event on the international calendar.


Further information: www.challenge-barcelona.es

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