The Ansó Valley once again puts the national Winter Triathlon titles at stake

This coming Sunday, February 12, the Ansó Valley will host the Spain 2023 Winter Triathlon Championship.

Everything is ready in Ansó and Linza, with snow like few years. The latter has greatly benefited the cross-country ski segment, but at the same time it has complicated the previous two.

The race on foot will increase its hardness and difficulty due to the risk of ice and the amount of snow accumulated in the municipality.

In the bicycle segment, although the road is clean, there is a risk of ice early in the morning, so the runners will have to take maximum precautions.

More than 150 athletes in the test

In sports, more than 150 athletes will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the morning at the exit located in the main parking lot of Ansó.

There the test will begin with a 7,6 km run on foot, after which they will take the bicycle to Linza, with a route of about 20 km, to finally play 10 km of cross-country skiing with characteristics that are currently unmatched for practicing skiing. winter sports.

Great poster of triathletes

The test also presents a large sign of names on the starting line.

In the female category, the current champion of Spain Enara Oronoz is presented as a favorite and in the masculine Pello Osoro, also the current national champion, will face off against applicants such as Xabier Orduna y Fernando Zorrilla, second and third last year.

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