Collins Cups Preview

We tell you its format, how it works, participants, schedules...

This weekend one of the most important tests in the triathlon world will be held, The Collins Cup, organized by the PTO.

The competition that brings together the best triathletes in the PTO ranking competing for selections from Europe, USA or International will be quite a show.

In total Habra 3 teams of 12 triathletes, with 18 men and 18 women, 36 athletes in total,

What is the format of The Collins Cup?

The race format is as follows, there will be several exits where an athlete from Team Europe, USA and International will battle each other.

In total there will be six women's races and six men's, each departure every 10 minutes.

Each race will consist ofe 2 km of swimming, 80 km of cycling and 18 km of running.

At the ceremony, the captains will decide which triathletes will participate in each of the rounds.

Punctuation in Spanish

For each of the 12 competitions, the winner receives 3 points, the second 2 points and the third 1 point.

In addition, athletes will receive bonus points 0,5 point bonus for every 2 minute window to take out their opponents in their respective race, with a maximum of 1,5 points for a margin of victory greater than 6 minutes.

An example would be this: If an athlete wins and takes 4:30 to the second and 7' to the third, he will receive the following points:

  • 3 points for winning
  • 1 point for beating the first opponent (margin of victory greater than 4 and less than 6 minutes)
  • 1,5 points for beating the second opponent (margin of victory greater than 6 minutes)
  • Total: 5,5 points

El second athlete would receive:

  • 2 points for coming second
  • 0,5 points for beating the third opponent (margin greater than 2 and less than 4 minutes)
  • Total: 2,5 points

And the third

  • 1 point for coming third
  • totals: 1 point


In total Habra 36 athletes among the 3 teamsYes, this is the list of participants.


Kristian Blummenfelt Matt Hanson Lionel Sanders
Gustav Iden Sam long Braden Currie
Patrick Lange Rudy von berg Max neumann
Magnus ditlev Chris Leiferman Jackson Laundry
Daniel Bækkegård Ben Kanute Aaron Royle
Sam Laidlow Jason West Hayden Wilde


Daniela Ryf Skye Moench Paula Findlay
Anne Haug Chelsea Sodaro Ashleigh Gentle
Laura Philipp Jackie Hering Tamara jewett
Kat matthews Jocelyn McCauley Ellie Salthouse
Holly Lawrence Sophie watts Flora Duffy
Nicola Spirig Sarah True Vittoria Lopes


These will be the "Match" of the competition.

Match TeamEurope TeamUS Team International
Match 1 Daniela Ryf Sarah True Flora Duffy
Match 2 Laura Philipp Chelsea Sodaro Ashleigh Gentle
Match 3 Kat matthews Skye Moench Paula Findlay
Match 4 Nicola Spirig Sophie watts Vittoria Lopes
Match 5 Holly Lawrence Jocelyn McCauley Ellie Salthouse
Match 6 Anne Haug Jackie Hering Tamara jewett
Match 7 Kristian Blummenfelt Ben Kanute Hayden Wilde
Match 8 Sam Laidlow Sam long Lionel Sanders
Match 9 Magnus ditlev Rudy von berg Max neumann
Match 10 Patrick Lange Jason West Aaron Royle
Match 11 Gustav Iden Matt Hanson Jackson Laundry
Match 12 Daniel Baekkegard Chris Leiferman Braden Currie


The competition will begin on Saturday, August 20, from

Where to see it live?

The Collins Cup 2022 can be followed live through the following media

There are no previous results.

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