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The preview of Challenge Roth 2024

El Challenge Roth It will be held this weekend in Roth, Germany, and as always it is one of the most notable events of the year on the triathlon calendar.

This emblematic event, recognized worldwide for its great tradition and massive participation, will bring together more than 90 professional athletes.

Fierce Competition in the Men's Category

The men's field in this edition of the Challenge Roth promises to be one of the most competitive in the history of the event.

Magnus ditlev, from Denmark, returns to defend his title for the third consecutive year. Ditlev is not only the reigning champion, but he also holds the track and world record. Among his main rivals are:

  • Daniel Bækkegård (Denmark), champion of Challenge Canberra 2023.
  • Patrick Lange (Germany), local favorite and second place in the previous edition.
  • Rudy von berg (USA).
  • Pieter Heemeryck (Belgium).
  • Jan Stratman (Germany).
  • Tom Bishop (Britain).

In addition, the men's field will be reinforced by triathletes of the caliber of Leon chevalier (France), who finished in fifth place at the Nice 2023 World Cup, Kyle Smith (New Zealand), who arrives after a second place in the T100 Miami, and Tomas Rodriguez, the Mexican who has been a revelation in Texas.

However, it is worth highlighting the loss of the Frenchman Clement mignon, ranked among the top ten, who will not be able to participate due to injury.

As for the Spanish representation, Gonzalo Fuentes It will be our main reference, seeking to achieve your personal best. Next to him, they will be artigues y Redolat.

Outstanding Athletes in the Women's Category

The group of professional women is not far behind in terms of talent and expectations. Among the competitors are some of the best triathletes in the world, with a notable German representation.

Anne Haug, who finished in second place last year and is a two-time Roth champion, will look to win this edition. Added to it are:

  • Laura Philipp (Germany), one of the prominent figures of German triathlon.
  • Els Visser (Netherlands), winner of multiple Challenge races and with six podiums so far this year, including three victories.
  • Anne Reichmann (Germany).
  • Danielle lewis (USA).

On the Spanish side, carolina laurentiu will be our representative, competing in one of the toughest and most prestigious categories in world triathlon.

The History and Tradition of the Challenge Roth

Since its inception in 2002, the Challenge Roth has been a fundamental test for triathletes around the world.

The 2023 edition, held on June 25, stood out with the impressive victory of Magnus ditlev, who set a world record with a time of 7:24:40. In addition, Daniela Ryf She broke the women's world record, which had not been surpassed for twelve years.

This year's event, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Challenge Roth, promises to continue this tradition of memorable and competitive racing.

More than 5,000 athletes from around the world are expected to participate, supported by 7,500 volunteers and followed by a crowd of more than 200,000 spectators along the course.

Schedules and where to watch it live

Live coverage of the Challenge Roth will begin at 6:15 a.m. on Sunday, July 7, with commentary from Belinda Granger and Sebastian Kienle on challenge-family.live.

The race will start at 6:35 am, and is expected to be followed by a global audience. You can also follow it live through the Online Tracking test

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