Rubén Ruzafa and Roger Serrano in search of conquering Europe

Rubén Ruzafa has 565 points without options for the rest of the participants, which ensures his third consecutive title of XTERRA European Champion.

This coming Saturday will be played in Denmark on XTERRA European Championship where the malagueño Rubén Ruzafa is the big favorite for the victory of having achieved 7 victories this season in XTERRA tests. Roger SerranoEuropean Champion in 2015, he has been a podium in all the tests he has finished, he will also be on the starting line with options to get on the podium.

Ruzafa that has 30 wins in XTERRA tests, it comes from getting 7 wins this season and a second place in tests of the franchise where he also got the runner of the world of Cros Triathlon in Penticton last August 23.

Rubén Ruzafa competing in Xterra

As for the favorites in the men's test they are Sam Osborne that comes from winning the last two tests in Poland and Germany Francois Carloni  second in the Ranking, Roger Serrano that has risen to the podium in all the tests that have finished this year, Arthur Forissier y Francisco Serrano who are the only two triathletes who have managed to beat Ruzafa this year, Arthur Serrieres ,  Yeray Luxem, Xavier Dafflon  o Bradley Weiss among others. The rest of the Spanish participation will be formed by Xavier Jove.

Male ranking

This year the test will be the first time the circuit is done in several laps, so the strategy will be essential to get the victory

We have asked Roger Serrano how he is doing for the test

"I arrive in the best form of the season. After returning to the podiums in Italy and Poland, and to keep the honey on my lips in Germany with fantastic sensations, I face Denmark with great enthusiasm. We are going to run with mud almost certainly and this gives me a bonus of motivation and performance. More technical, hard and cold.

It will be the first time we compete professionals alone and by turns. 4 turns in MTB and 3 running.


Roger serrano competing in Xterra


The race raised a little different from the last. We will try to pull very hard swimming and work very hard the first km of MTB to try to get Ruben contacted as late as possible and be able to go down to run with him. Once on foot, the last one will pay for the beers.

The level has been matched incredibly in the last competitions and as in Germany, I think there will be a group of 5 / 7 people who will go down to run together or with little difference"

Duel in females until the end

As for the female event we will see a duel between Helena Karaskova y  Brigitta Poor  fighting for the title in a season in which the two have proved to be at a great level. Karaskova three times European Champion XTERRA, has won four races this year, while Poor, has won five including the last two of the circuit in Polinia and Germany.

This year Brigitta Poor has won six of the eight “heads up” in which they have faced this year, so everything will be decided in the final test.

Female Rankin

The test will start on Saturday 2 of September at 14: 00

 Photo Rubén Ruzafa: Michka Photography // Photo Roger Serrano @mrgjmc 


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