Rubén Ruzafa and Roger Serrano dispute the Xterra of Belgium

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The Andalusian Rubén Ruzafa arrives as leader of the XTERRA European Tour 2017 circuit, while the Catalan Roger Serrano occupies the third position.

El XTERRA Belgium It will be the 6ª test of the XTERRA European Tour circuit and will be held in the city of Namur, in the Walloon region. Swimming will take place in the Maas River with a distance of 1.500m around the fluvial island of the city. Later the triathletes will cover 33 kilometers of cycling in a very complete route, with hard climbs (1100m of vertical drop in total), technical descents, sectors with mud as well as fast and flat areas. Finally the triathletes will have to run 10km taking two laps around a circuit of 5km in the historic Ciudadella de Namur.

In the male category Rubén Ruzafa is the main favorite, he is unbeaten in this 2017 where he has won all the races of the XTERRA circuit he has played, the last one was last week in the XTERRA Portugal. Meanwhile Roger Serrano he also aspires to the podium and to try to break Rubén's streak. the Catalan has already won a test of the circuit in Malta. The rest of the favorites are French Francois Carloni and the local triathlete, the Belgian Yeray Luxem.

Male start list

As regards the female competition the Czech Helena Erbenova is the big favorite to win with the Dutch Maud Golsteyn, the French Morgane Riou and the Austrian Carina Walse.

Female start list

The XTERRA Belgium will start next June 10 in June at the 9: 00 in the morning.

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