Rubén Ruzafa favorite in the Xterra Portugal

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This Sunday is the fifth round of the Xterra Europen Tour, the XTERRA of Portugal, in the town of Golegã, located about 100km north of Lisbon

The Andalusian triathlete Rubén Ruzafa is the main favorite to victory, which would be his fourth consecutive in the neighboring country, and also arrives undefeated in 2017, where he has won the three tests he has played, the Xterra Meeting, Xterra Greece y Xterra Spain just two weeks ago. In addition to the triple Xterra world champion there will be two more Spaniards at the starting line, Xavier Jové y Alejandro Salmerón. The main rivals in the fight for the top positions will be the Belgian Yeray Luxem, the French Fracois Carloni or the Portuguese Rui Dolores y Octávio Vicente.

In the female category like the Czech Helena Erbenová is the main candidate for victory along with the Hungarian Brigitta Poór and the British Lousine Fox. The Spanish representation will be borne by Rocio Sword

The competition will be held next Saturday, May 27, and will begin at 14:00 p.m. local time (15:00 p.m. Spanish time). The distances are 1500m of swimming in Lake Alverca, followed by 35km of BTT through the Boquilibo National Reserve in a very technical circuit, to finish with a 10km race on foot in a circuit with different natural obstacles, such as branches and fallen trees.

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