Pedro Gomes and Ana Casares winners of the first edition of Challenge Vitoria

Spectacular day lived today in Challenge Vitoria-Gasteuz After the reception of the first edition of this event, which was attended by a total of 600 triathletes, where the stars of the day were Portuguese Pedro Gomes and a spectacular Ana Casares After winning the podium with a time of 08: 38: 36 and 09: 52: 39 respectively.



Pedro Gómes has not found a rival. After leaving the water in third position, where Carlos López He managed to outscore his rivals in almost 4 minutes, Pedro Gomes came back in a spectacular way this time in the cycling segment, achieving in this way to be at the head of the race, a place he knew how to maintain all the way to the T2 where he got a comfortable income to enjoy the race on foot, reaching the podium with 13 minutes ahead of his pursuer, Madrid triathlete Alejandro Santamaría ending with a total time of 08: 51: 36.


The excitement in this race was undoubtedly the fight for the second and third place on the podium that was defined in the first kilometers of the race on foot. It was in this segment where Alejandro Santamaría traced the last positions and where Carlos López knew how to maintain his third position, thus achieving a comfortable third place just 50 seconds behind second.


The triathlete Luso, Pedro Gómes was very excited to reach the finish line, letting a glimpse of tears while hugging his wife under the goal arch located in a spectacular Plaza of Spain of Vitoria-Gasteiz crowded with public “Running in Vitoria is spectacular, the swamp is incredible, the cycling segment is hard but at the same time spectacular with its landscapes, and the race on foot, indescribable. I have run very excited through these streets, people did not stop cheering me on, everyone knew my name! Eneko Llanos he was there cheering me on every lap, it has been incredible, I'll be back! "


In the women's race, the race was very disputed from start to finish. Although in the beginning Yvette Grice It was presented as one of the great favorites to the podium, the English triathlete could not maintain its leadership and was losing the rent on its pursuers, finally arriving at the T2 in third position. A spectacular Ana Casares He entered this transition first to start a solo foot race, closely followed by the Basque triathlete and current Spanish Triathlon champion Gurutze Frades.

Ana Casares, Champion of Spain of Marathon In 2010, in this way he showed his credentials to Challenge Vitoria, not leaving a single second to his rival and maintaining his position during the 42 km of the race on foot.


Gurutze Frades A fighter as always, she gave us an exciting race on foot, fighting every meter to reach Ana Casares and at the same time enjoying her entire audience clapping her hands to everyone who offered to share this great moment with her. Finally, she did not get enough seconds to catch up with Ana, but she also entered the finish line with the spectacular smile that characterizes her and only two minutes from the winner. Yvette Grice despite the enthusiasm shown for racing in Vitoria during the previous press conference and her effort to maintain the lead, finally she could not keep her position and settled for a third position.


Gurutze Frades, with his eyes already on the Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship where he will seek to revalidate his title next October, he was happy with the race "I was thrilled to see so much public. At times I forgot the positions and only enjoyed being able to join the palms with all the spectators of Vitoria, then I managed to concentrate again to keep fighting to diminish the distance, but it was difficult to really focus on the competition with such an environment. I'm happy with the race and the result, now tired, but thinking about the next Challenge Challenge "


In addition, during the event we were able to have a luxury guest, the great triathlete Eneko Llanos, current European Ironman champion and his wife and triathlete Ruth Brito who did not want to miss a second of this race “It is a luxury to be able to have a test long distance in Vitoria-Gasteiz, my city. On the one hand, I would have liked to compete, but of course I also really enjoy watching people race on the same circuits that I train every day. My dream is that this event is consolidated, and that we can have a long distance triathlon in Vitoria for many years ”





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