ZYCLE plans to launch a new direct drive roller at the end of 2021

The first rumors of the launch of a new roller under the name of Zycle Smart ZDrive able to reach 1.800 watts withat +/- 2,5% accuracy and a simulation of slopes of up to 20% incline.

The new roller will be called Zycle Smart ZDrive

ZYCLE, the reference company in the development of rollers for cyclists and triathletes, which is based in Valencia where its design and production is carried out, plans to launch a new direct drive roller in autumn / winter 2021.

From newsroom we have not been able to verify the launch date exact or the price, but if characteristics to take into account for all athletes who train on a roller since will offer excellent features for all those who like to "squeeze" the most in their workouts.


  • Power up to 1.800 watts
  • +/- 2,5% accuracy
  • Simulation of slopes of up to 20% incline.

It can be connected by USB avoiding connection losses

This model has one of the most innovative features of the Smat ZDrive, which will be the possibility of pairing it with the main simulators on the market via USB cable.

This will avoid possible connection losses that arise with wireless pairing. Also maintaining the option of pairing via Bluetooth FTMS and Ant +.

The "smart" roller development line ZYCLE Smart ZPro, one of the most competitive rollers in terms of performance and price in the national and international market, will maintain the same competitive line that it has had with the rest of its products and promises to be one of the best options in terms of quality / price

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