Alicante lives the first day of MTRI with the dispute of the Sprint and Supersprint distances, in individual and couples mode

Mediterranean Triathlon Alicante The MTRI 8.15 circuit opened yesterday morning at 2022:XNUMX a.m. It did so with the young promises of our sport.

116 triathletes from all over Spain, from cadet and youth categories who joined the Qualifier for the European Youth Championship.

The result of the competition would result in 2 guaranteed places, one per gender, for two European Championships to be held in Slovakia and France.

Finally the triathlete Zoila Sicily of the E-Triathlon Valladolid, and Gorka Nunez, from the CDE Korta Triathlon Team GE, got the places.

At the gates, the triathlete from the Valencian Community, Héctor Tolsa, remained in the men's category, who climbed on the podium in 3rd place, with a difference of 21 seconds with respect to the first classified. Marcos Crespo from Saltoki Trikideak completed the men's podium.

The women's podium was decided in an intense final sprint, in which Carla Martínez was second, 1” behind Zoila. Third would be her sister, Alejandra Martínez, both from the Diablillos de Rivas Triathlon Club.

From that moment on, the MTRI Alicante competition continued its course with the men's, women's and couples supersprint starts, a distance chosen by most of the participants to try the sport of triathlon or to start the triathlon season and put on their wetsuit again.

The supersprint was followed by the sprint that would close the finish line on a Saturday full of good feelings on the part of the participants.

Many of them attended the competition with their families, partners, children and friends, which has meant that the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Alicante, where the finish line is located, was always full of people cheering and warming up the athletes.

256 triathletes took the start of the sprint distance. Finally the podium of this edition went to Pablo Fernández of the TresCantos Trikathlon and Jennifer Garcia of the Ondarreta Alcorcón Triathlon Club.

Lucia of Antony from CD Valdebebas and Isabel Faulí from CA Vilamarxant got the 2nd and 3rd step respectively. In the male category they did Carlos Mejia from the Flor Triatló and Manuel García from the Albacete Ingeteam Triathlon Club.

The podium of the Supersprint modality went to Alvaro Llinares of the CDE Triathlon San Sebastián de los Reyes, in 2nd position David Ferrer as independent; 3rd place went to Hugo Rosaenz of the Boadilla Triathlon Club - Beone.

In females he won the competition encarna cabrera from CEA Bétera, followed by Laura Renata Molina y Diana Pozuelo, both non-federated.

65 triathletes went out to compete in this, the shortest modality individually, while 122 participants decided not to compete alone but to do so accompanied, choosing the modality in pairs, in the Sprint and Supersprint distances.

A format that has allowed parents and children, friends, mothers... to enjoy the triathlon accompanied from start to finish, and that has left exciting moments at the finish line.

Sprint and Supersprint Results

Second day for the queen distance 

On the day of Sunday, May 15, the competition will take place in Olympic mode, also being the Regional Olympic Triathlon Championship.

352 triathletes will start tomorrow at 8.15:XNUMX am. The test can be followed live by the Live of the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community.

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