First medal for Spain, Melina Alonso Bronze

The Duathlon World Championship began at eight thirty in the morning with the Junior Female test. The winner was the Venezuelan Joselin Brea who took the gold medal with a time of 1.03.02 thanks to her great running race. The silver medal went to the Italian Elena María Petrini with a time of 1:03:37 and the bronze to the Spanish Melina Alonso with 1:03:51. In fourth place came Georgina Schwiening from Great Britain.

The Venezuelan athlete has declared that she is delighted to have won in Spain as she would like to continue her sports career in her country. The Spanish has said that the race seemed tough and that thanks to the collaboration of the other teammates in the bike race, she has managed to obtain the silver medal. He has also said that it was a shame about Miriam Casillas which was the great favorite.


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