These are the products that Decathlon has recalled due to ethylene oxide

Facua, the consumer organization in action has alerted of some products I had Decathlon that contained ethylene oxide

This substance can cause a serious risk to the human organism and the French company has been forced to remove five capsules and energy bars by the presence of this flammable gas.

With a disseminated statement On the company's website, in the "Safety communication" section of notices, Decathlon has reported that "the affected products have been withdrawn from the market, however, some of these products were sold before this recall, between June 19 and August 12, 2021, both inclusive ».

Ethylene oxide is a "Active substance in phytosanitary products is not approved in the EU and, therefore, in Spain. It is a substance classified as mutagenic, carcinogenic and toxic for reproduction ».

Retired Products

  • Vitamins + Minerals orange flavor bars in a 30-unit container, with lots L 21.140 and L21.189
  • Salts Caps electrolyte capsules in container of 100 units, with batch L 21.182
  • Lemon flavored bars Electrolytes Tablets «Ecosize» in double packs of 20 units, with batch L 21.166
  • Electrolytes Tablets strawberry flavor bars in double packs of 20 units, with batch L 21.188
  • Electrolytes Tablets lemon flavor bars in double containers of 10 units, with batch L 21.167.
Products that Decathlon has recalled for Ethylene Oxide:
Products recalled by Decathlon for Ethylene Oxide

Sold between July 19 and August 12

Decathlon sold these capsules and bars between August 19 and 12, so the products were on sale for at least a month and a half.

Now the company makes a call to return these in those that have not been consumed, with the corresponding re-entry of the amount.

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