Proposal to open the pools and check 1 swimmer per street in Phase 1

The Federation has 70.000 federated members, integrated in more than a thousand sports clubs,

The Spanish swimming federation (RFEN) has sent a proposal to CSD, endorsing more than 110 clubs to include the sports practice of swimming in Phase 1 and that check the criteria of 1 swimmer per street.

On its website, the Federation has published a release that we leave you intact:

Spanish swimming, neglected in the de-escalation

Spanish swimming urgently needs to float.

This requires the Immediate opening of the pools in Phase 1 of the de-escalation pexpressed by the Government of Spain due to the COVID-19 crisis, and the review of the current unjustifiable capacity of a swimmer per street in the sports use of swimming pools in Phase 2.

We talk about our 70.000 federated, integrated into more than thousand sports clubs, and of a collective of 1.000.000 swimming practitioners in Spain that make use of the pools for healthy sports and for learning to swim.

RFEN communication

Is vital importance for the viability of the clubs that a less restrictive use of swimming pools be established for federation and practitioners, thereby returning the economic engine that will allow sports entities to recoverny, therefore, avoid their disappearance.

The official report of the CSIC of May 5 on the treated water of the pools is conclusive regarding the null transmission of the coronavirus in the same.

In the opinion of the president of the RFEN, Fernando Carpena, «rresults the reopening of the pools in Phase 1 is urgent and necessary, and in the conditions of security and capacity comparable to the other sports disciplines that are already being practiced.

The current regulation is clearly inappropriate, reason why we consider ourselves unassisted and in unequal conditions to the rest of sports, it is already scientifically proven that our activity involves fewer risks than others.

The truth is that the bulk of the swimming is still in dry dock«.


Fernando Carpena also states that «eLast Wednesday we presented a proposal to the CSD endorsed at that time by more than 110 clubs.

The objective was and is very clear: to include the practice of swimming sports in Phase 1 and to review the criteria of 1 swimmer per street.

True that seemed to be well received, but today is Tuesday and We remain the same despite the fact that in the weekend conditions for practicing in Phase 1 have been modified in other sports specialties.

At the moment, most of Spain is in Phase 1, but pool swimming in those territories cannot be practiced.

From the territories in Phase 2, in most cases, capacity limitations in the use of swimming pools do not justify their opening or are inaccessible to most athletes«.

Fernando Carpena adds that «The practice of swimming is not respected in a broad sense that, normally, to order and optimize the activity, uses the streets for swimming.

As an example, in swimming pools for recreational use the only limitation is 30% of the capacity and 2 meters away.

In the practice of sports swimming, if there are ropes, we are limited to only one swimmer per street.

The accounts are clear: normally the pools have 8 lanes so only 8 swimmers can use it.

The capacity, consequently, is insignificant: around 2%. Those who want to practice swimming as an activity must do it with extraordinary limitations, while other users have a much more permissive rule applied ».

And the president of the RFEN also highlights other data: «To the already mentioned incomprehensible limitation of a swimmer per street, the norm does not distinguish that the pool is 25 or 50 meters, or that the streets are 2 or 2,5 meters wide.

It is a real nonsense that we have tried to correct by requesting that we be heard. Therefore, we consider that we are in unequal conditions with respect to the rest of sports, since being scientifically proven that our activity is safer than others, however, they impose many more limitations on us.«.

Finally, Fernando Carpena warns about the consequences if the requirements of Spanish swimming are not addressed urgently: «The consequences of these unjustified and inexplicable limitations put the viability and sustainability of the clubs at risk, because the loss of members is constant and progressive. ”

The president concludes with the following message: «If this is not corrected, the clubs will suffer a brutal economic decline, so in order to overcome the crisis in which they are immersed and serve their social mass, they will eliminate expenses fundamentally in investment in federated sport.

And let's not forget that Spanish sport is sustained by the broad base of the clubs. If these fall, the structures wobble«.

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