The official protocol of Health for professional sports

It is already underway, the return of sports activity in Spanish territory,

Yesterday, May 2, the sports practice to individual for the entire population and next May 4 the Professional sportsmen you can train without time limit within your province

In an article published by IUSPORT, collect the phases of which this protocol is composed that They will set the guidelines for professional, high-level and federated sports in our country.

This roadmap includes the guideline from the restart of training until the resumption of official competitions

Keep in mind that there is an "inescapable condition, since the resumption of all sports activity is subject to the sanitary situation allows it.

These will be the 4 phases from the return to training until the competition in a minimum period of four weeks.

Phases 1, 2 and 3 will add a minimum of three to four weeks.

The difference between professionals and federated

It is one of the most common doubts now that you are returning to training since there is a big difference between being a professional of a sport and being federated and NOT being a professional or high-level athlete and being federated

In the absence of it being published in the BOE, only professionals will have more freedom of movement by being able to train without a time limit but within the province where they reside.

The rest of athletes will have to follow the guidelines of the general population, train once a day and within their municipality

The Federados could train 2 times a day

What does seem to be included is the possibility for all federated athletes to train twice a day, but with the limitations of time slots and travel


 At the beginning of this phase, the medical services must do an examination to the athlete, which will include a test for the presence of viral genetic material.

Those who are positive, even asymptomatic, will not be able to start sports.

Athletes who have obtained a favorable result in the medical test will train alone, regardless of whether their disciplines are individual or collective. They will maintain confinement at home, sports residence or temporary accommodation.

The use of outdoor spaces will be prioritized.

In the case of professional competitions, training will take place at the facilities of the clubs, provided that they comply with sanitary measures.

Sports centers must be thoroughly disinfected before reopening.

At least twice a day, manual contact surfaces must be cleaned, such as door handles, knobs, railings, benches, chairs or bathrooms.

The athlete will wear gloves and will be careful not to touch objects or equipment for collective use as much as possible.

In the case of the foot race, you must keep a minimum distance of 2 meters with other runners.


 It is advisable to carry out this phase in the form of concentration, the athletes preferably living in training centers with residence where they can stay all day under a regime of individual accommodation in the rooms.

Training sessions and, in the case of team sports, non-exhaustive tactical work will be made up.

The coach and the rest of the technical team will wear gloves and a mask and keep a minimum distance of 2 meters.

The joint actions will be carried out in small groups, with turns so that the minimum number of athletes coincide on the field.

The athletes will not be able to share any material - it must be disinfected after each use -, nor food, food or sanitary material and they will not have support personnel or utilleros during training.

In addition, the presence of the media in the training areas will not be allowed and the access measures to the training centers will be reinforced.

In restaurants or cafeterias, meals will be delivered to athletes in closed, individual and already disinfected containers.

The medical and sanitary protocol will be maintained and the physiotherapy services will be limited to what is essential.


 In this phase, training and tactical work will be intensified, and it is advisable that it be carried out in the concentration phase.

Group actions will be up to 14 people, in shifts.

The coach and members of his technical team will continue to wear gloves and a mask and keep a minimum distance of 2 meters.

The use of gyms will begin to be recurrent, under a disinfection protocol that will continue in force throughout the facility.

The presence of the media will continue to be restricted and athletes will continue not to share material.

The medical control will be repeated for the athletes and will be extended to those who share the training center, as well as to the support staff.

In the event of a positive in any of these three phases, the entire training group, coaching staff and center staff with whom they may have been in contact will be immediately isolated and tested.

All of them will be separated until the result is known and the installation will be cleaned and disinfected.


 It will arrive when the health and sports authorities decide. The general rule is that all competitions will be behind closed doors and that the 2019/20 season competitions will be short.

In the event that the entry of foreign material or personnel is required, it will be done in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU and Cooperation and the Ministry of the Interior.

Depending on the situation, a limited capacity of up to a maximum of 50 percent would be allowed.

The minimum period between the end of phase 3 and the start of competitions will be one week.

In leagues, the time between days will be informed by the doctors of each sport and specialty, taking into account the number of matches to be played and their coincidence with the beginning of summer, with the consequent increase in heat and humidity.

Massive competitions, with limited group starts, will be avoided.

Health security measures will be extended to the present media.

During this phase, medical control will be repeated for the third time and sports massages and physiotherapy treatments will be resumed.


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