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Specific stress test for triathletes

The lactate transition test gives you specific data to compete in triathlon

The determination of Maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) and Aerobic and anaerobic thresholds they are important for training and competitions. Science at the service of the athlete.

Our collaborator healthy, Within its wide range of services for the athlete, it has one in particular 100% objective for the triathlete, a specific test where interesting data such as the race pace that must be maintained after the transition of cycling to conclude with guarantees of success in the competition.

Training with personalized data, not estimated, is an advance, especially when obtaining data of heart rate, race or watt for the potentiometer of the bike.

Lactate test for trialtetas

On the other hand, in Healthing they go further, since in the same stress test they can  observe the point at which the energy consumption is made from fats, something very interesting for long distances, like Half or Ironman.

In this way, in the same test we can point out in addition to the usual data, the Fatmax, and know the implications for training and competitions.

If you have already done the stress test, it is time for the lactate transition test and to know your racing rhythms both on the bike and in the race.

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