PTO Announces Revolutionary Expansion by 2024 

The Professional Triathlete Organization (PTO) has announced that it will take another step in its history with a significant expansion by 2024, doubling the number of stages in his Tour to at least six races. 

This growth not only reflects the success achieved in 2023, but also establishes a new standard for the future of professional triathlon. 

From London, PTO CEO Sam Renouf has reaffirmed the importance of creating a consistent schedule and narrative throughout the season, with the continued participation of the highest-ranked athletes.  

This strategy is essential to take the sport to a higher level and promote its integration into the mainstream.

It will go from 3 to 6 races in 2024 

The PTO has worked hard to double its schedule, going from three events to at least six races in 2024.  

This expansion seeks to create a cohesive, full-season narrative about the PTO Tour, with the goal of attracting a broader global audience and building a fan base that drives greater revenue towards the sport. 

Confirmed cities  

Among the cities confirmed for the 2024 Tour are Singapore (April 12-14) and Ibiza (September 28-29).  

These destinations offer a backdrop worthy of the highest level of sport, promising spectacular events for athletes and spectators alike. 

Renouf also noted that the revelation of the Full schedule for 2024 will be done early next year, once final government approvals are obtained from the host cities. 

Objective achieved in 2023 

The 2023 PTO Tour, in its second season, has achieved its goal of bringing long-distance triathlon to a broader audience.  

With a dedicated TV and streaming audience of 24.6 million For its three races in Ibiza, Milwaukee and Singapore, and broadcasts in more than 195 territories around the world, the PTO has proven its ability to capture global attention. 

In the area of ​​social media, the PTO has achieved a impressive progress, possessing the largest 'share of voice' on Facebook against Ironman, World Triathlon and Super League Triathlon, and ranking second only to Ironman on Instagram.  

As the PTO's audience of followers has grown, surpassing 300,000, so has its engagement, bucking the usual trend among social channels as they scale. 

This success has contributed to the signing of important commercial partners for the 2023 PTO Tour, including Canyon, Garmin, Ekoï, Pokka and Rouvy, as well as the renewal of the agreement with FORM. 


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