The PTO clarifies why it removed the Blummenfelt result from its website

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  • If you recognize the Norwegian time
  • You have removed the best times page due to possible interpretations beyond your control

The PTO has released a statement explaining why it removed the Norwegian's time from its fastest times page. Kristian Blummenfelt at the IRONMAN in Cozumel.

the reason according to the PTO is that the system automatically updates that page with the new results of the tests that are being added on the web.

Subsequently, the PTO team analyzes these results and eliminates times based on what has happened in the races, such as a swimming cut or fewer kilometers in the cycling segment. Etc.

The PTO has chosen to delete the page

Because this section of the web is subject to misinterpretations and factors beyond its control it is impossible to determine a list of world records and they have chosen to remove the page from your website.

The PTO clarifies why it removed the Blummenfelt result from its website ,img_61b8483661c70
Capture of the page of the best times today

PTO deletes Kristian blummenfelt's record from its website

If they recognize the time of Blummenfelt

The PTO does not acknowledge the time of the Blummenfelt even if it does not appear on the results page

"The PTO recognizes and celebrates Blummenfelt's “Ironman® World Record” and has been actively promoting this tremendous performance."

Lor which is under our control and what we will continue to list on the PTO World Rankings website are the "Highest Points" scored in races during the last ten years, as determined by the PTO World Rankings system at »

Here you can read the full statement

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