Challenge London joins the PTO Tour 2024

La Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) has announced the acquisition of the iconic challenge london, marking a significant milestone in the professional triathlon calendar.  

This event, which will be held in the heart of London, promises to be one of the most notable competitions of the year. 

Known for its stunning tour of the city centre, Challenge London includes swimming at the Royal Victoria Dock, a cycling course that passes iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and the London Eye, and a foot race through the Docklands.  

With a history of 20 years and more than 14,000 participants, this event has been a benchmark in the United Kingdom. 


El challenge london includes various distances 

Test Distance  Swimming  Cycling  Career 
Average Distance  1.9 km  80 km  21.1 km 
Olympic Distance  1.5 km  40 km  10 km 
Sprint Distance  720m  20 km  5 km 
Super Sprint  400m  10 km  2.5 km 

In addition to the existing calendar of races already planned for the weekend of July 27-28 de 2024, PTO will add its 100 km triathlon races made for television, which will see the 20 best female professionals and the 20 best male professionals in the world  

The acquisition by the PTO not only raises the profile of this event, but also strengthens the presence of professional triathlon on the global sporting landscape.  

The inclusion of this event in the PTO Tour 2024 is a clear indication of the growth and popularity that this sport is achieving. 

Sam Laidlow, IRONMAN World Champion, expressed his enthusiasm for the incorporation of London to the PTO Tour, highlighting the quality of the organization and the course.  

For its part, Lucy Charles-Barclay, IRONMAN world champion, shared her excitement about competing in her hometown, highlighting the event's excellent location. 

The venues this year  

In addition to London, the PTO Tour 2024 will include venues in Singapore, Ibiza and Lake Las Vegas, demonstrating its commitment to the global expansion of triathlon. 

Event  Date  Location 
PTO Asian Open  April 12-14, 2024  Singapore 
PTO Challenge London  July 27-28, 2024  London, United Kingdom 
PTO Las Vegas Open  October 19-20, 2024  Lake Las Vegas, USA 
PTO European Open  September 28-29, 2024  Ibiza, Spain 


Registration for Challenge London is now open, with options for Olympic distances and sprints, in addition to the exciting 100km format.  

This event is not only an opportunity for professional athletes to shine, but also for amateur triathletes to participate in world-class competition. 

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