Published the FETRI 2020 Calendar «New normality»

FETRI takes up the calendar and the Duathlon and Triathlon Leagues

The Spanish Triathlon Federation prepares the safe return to competitions and the adapted development of the 2020 season calendar 

After multiple meetings in recent months with all states, and the approval of the proposal of the Sports Committee by the Commission of the Delegate, the Board of Directors and the FETRI Assembly has launched its 2020 calendar.

First Name Site Date Distances Categories Modalities
Spanish Duathlon Championship for Relay - Avilés Avilés


 SuperSprint  Spain Championship  - Duathlon
Popular Duathlon Liberbank - Avilés Avilés 14/11/2020  SuperSprint  Open  - Duathlon
Duathlon Spanish Team Time Trial Championship - Avilés Avilés 14/11/2020  Sprint  Spain Championship  - Duathlon
Ironman 70.3 Mallorca Majorca 31/10/2020 Middle distance  Others  - Medium Distance Triathlon
Spanish Championship of Medium Distance Duathlon, GG.EE. Standard and ParaTriathlon - Almazán Almazan 25/10/2020 Middle distance  Spain Championship  - Duathlon
Spanish Cup MD and LD Triathlon - Half Triathlon of Ibiza Ibiza 25/10/2020  Middle distance  Spain Cup  - Long Distance Triathlon - Medium Distance Triathlon
Ironman 70.3 Marbella Marbella 25/10/2020  Middle distance  Others  - Medium Distance Triathlon
Duathlon Spanish Championship - Soria Soria 24/10/2020  Standard  Spain Championship  - Duathlon
Spanish SuperSprint Triathlon Championship by Clubs - Aguilas Castelldefels 11/10/2020  SuperSprint  Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Spanish Triathlon Championship by Clubs - Aguilas Águilas 10/10/2020  Sprint  - Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Ironman 70.3 Barcelona Barcelona 04/10/2020  - Middle distance  Others  - Medium Distance Triathlon
Ironman Barcelona Barcelona 04/10/2020  - Long distance  Others  - Long Distance Triathlon
Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship - Salamanca Salamanca 04/10/2020  Long distance  Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Aquabike FETRI - Salamanca Salamanca 04/10/2020  Long distance  Open  - Aquabike
Spanish Medium Distance Triathlon Championship - Bilbao Bilbao 26/09/2020  Middle distance  Spain Championship  - Medium Distance Triathlon
Spanish Relay Triathlon Championship - Roquetas de Mar Roquetas de Mar 20/09/2020  - SuperSprint Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Long Distance Duathlon World Championship - Age Groups - Zofingen Zofingen 20/09/2020  - Long distance  World championship  - Duathlon
Triathlon King's Cup and Triathlon Queen's Cup - Roquetas de Mar Roquetas de Mar 19/09/2020  Sprint  Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Spanish Cup MD and LD Triathlon - Half Triathlon of Pamplona Pamplona 19/09/2020 Middle distance  Spain Cup  - Long Distance Triathlon - Medium Distance Triathlon
Duathlon and Cros Triathlon European Championship - Age Groups - Targu Mures - Romania Tirgu Mures 12/09/2020  Other  European Championship  - Cros Duathlon - Cros Triathlon
Spanish Talent Triathlon Relay Championship - Banyoles Banyoles 06/09/2020  Relays  Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Spanish Triathlon Championship - Banyoles Banyoles 05/09/2020  - Olympic  Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Spanish Mixed Relay Triathlon Championship - Banyoles Banyoles 05/09/2020  Relays  Spain Championship  - Triathlon
European Triathlon Championship - Age Groups - Tartu Tartu 28/08/2020  Olympic  European Championship  - Triathlon
Spanish Sprint Triathlon Championship - Pontevedra Pontevedra 22/08/2020  Sprint  Spain Championship  - Triathlon
Spanish Duathlon Cros Championship - Almazán Almazán 26/07/2020  Olympic - Sprint  Spain Championship  - Duathlon Cros
Spanish Cros Triathlon Championship - Almazán Almazán 25/07/2020  Olympic - Sprint  Spain Championship  - Cros Triathlon

Circular 10/20 - Competitions - Regulatory bases for official federated competitions at the state level 2020 (context COVID-19) - amends circular 3/20

The reconfiguration of the calendar maintains the main competition venues planned, with the exception of triathlon events in A Coruña and Castelldefels, postponed to 2021 at the request of the venues themselves. Likewise, in the responsible return to the competition, FETRI prioritizes the largest Individual and Club Championships, which will occupy longer days and oblige not to carry out some events, always with the aim of benefiting athletes and clubs to complete the season with meaning and order.

The National Duathlon League remains unchanged to the expectation of the pending days, and in case it cannot be held due to a change in the health situation, it would end with the results of the Spanish Duathlon Championship for Clubs and Mixed Relay held in Alcobendas . For its part, the National Triathlon League is proposed with six days that are detailed below. The National Ranking of Clubs 2020 will be modified to adapt it to the final situation of the calendar, always under the premise of half plus one of the Championships that are held.

 Duathlon and Cros Triathlon, and Spanish Sprint Triathlon Championship

The Spanish Cros Triathlon and Duathlon Championship will be the first competition in the resumption of the calendar, on July 25 and 26 in Almazán, Soria. The wide and natural setting of the town of Soria allows us to guarantee, together with the specifications applicable to the championships that you can consult here (athlete's guide) and is an ideal framework for the disciplines and for the safe celebration of the event, in which capacity will be controlled in the different areas, and security measures and protocols will be implemented depending on the time of the day.

The Spanish Sprint Triathlon 2020 championships, cadet, junior, elite and U23 categories, and Age Groups and Paratriathlon, will open fire on August 22 and 23 in Pontevedra. In order to promote the safety of all those involved in the events, in the face of the Spanish Sprint Triathlon Championship in Pontevedra, the criteria for participation in elite and sub23, junior and cadet are modified, reducing the outputs to 75 athletes (valuing expand the starting list in case of exceeding the junior category limit)

Likewise, the participation of the best positioned teams in the National Club Ranking is strengthened by modifying the elite participation criteria; and they are modified for the cadet category, establishing qualifying series on the morning of Saturday, August 22, and a direct final in the afternoon, with a maximum of 50 athletes. During the same day the junior and elite competitions will take place, being reserved on Sunday August 23 for Age Groups and Paratriathlon.

Triathlon League Calendar

The League of Triathlon Clubs will take place over three weekends, in well-known and appreciated venues, with a long tradition of sport and Triathlon. It will begin in Banyoles on September 5 and 6, with the Spanish Triathlon and Mixed Relay Triathlon Championships.

On September 19 and 20, in Roquetas de Mar, the Triathlon King's Cup and Queen's Cup will take place, as well as the Spanish Relay Triathlon Championship. Finally, on October 10 and 11 they will conclude with the Spanish Club Triathlon Championships, and the Super Sprint Club Triathlon, in Águilas, Murcia.

The Banyoles event will include the Spanish Mixed Relay Triathlon Championship, with participation limited exclusively to teams from the Triathlon League, and which will take place on Saturday morning, September 5.

In the individual Triathlon championship, the elite participation criteria are modified, limiting the start to 75 athletes, and reducing the minimum participation to score from five to three athletes.

The main objective of these measures is to strengthen the participation of the member teams in the Leagues.

Following the same criteria, in the face of the Spanish Triathlon championships for Clubs and Super Sprint for Clubs in Águilas, various aspects of what was originally planned are modified.

The first day, Saturday October 10, will take place the Club Championship, and the second, Sunday October 11, the Club Super Sprint.

On Saturday there will be two series for each of the leagues, with five athletes from each club in each of the series. The result will be based on the sum of the points achieved by the athletes.

In First and Second Division, lineups between 8 and 10 athletes may be presented, and Third, only six triathletes.

In the Super Sprint by Clubs on Sunday there will be three series of 30 athletes each, with the ten best of each series going to the Final. A round for First and Second is eliminated, due to the impossibility of fitting the schedule in the new configuration.

In the Spanish Triathlon Championship for Relay in Roquetas de Mar, to be held on October 19, as in the Duathlon Championship for Relay in Avilés, on November 15, in case the preventive plan COVID-19 is applied, in The men's and women's competitions would be held two times, with a maximum of 30 or 31 league teams in the first, and a maximum of 50 Open teams in the second, with teams A by club ranking, B, C, etc.

. The school competition would also consist of two exits, the first with teams A up to a maximum of 40 per Club ranking, and a second with the rest of teams A, and B, C, etc.

Triathlon Talent League

It will develop as initially planned 

Duathlon League Calendar

The pending competitions of the Duathlon Club League 2020, after the Spanish Duathlon Championship for Mixed Clubs and Relays in Alcobendas, will take place after the majority of the triathlon season has concluded, in the months of October and November. On October 24, Soria will host the Spanish Duathlon Championship in the cadet, junior, elite and GGEE sprint categories.

On October 25 Almazán will host the Spanish Championship of Media Distance Duathlon, GGEE Standard and Paratriathlon (all competitions without "drafting" on Sunday). Avilés, with the Spanish Duathlon Time Trial Team and Relay Championships, will close the FETRI season on November 14 and 15.

The Spanish Duathlon Championship in Soria will be held with a maximum of 75 athletes in all starts, and in all categories of the day on Saturday. The cadet criteria and the application of criteria for juniors will be reviewed, as will the athlete classification system for the Club League, making it equal to the Triathlon League.

MD and LD Triathlon and Spanish Cup

The recovery of the FETRI 2020 calendar also includes the national Medium and Long Distance events integrated into the Spanish Cup. The Spanish MD Triathlon Championship, to be held in Bilbao on September 26, and the Long Distance Triathlon Championship, in Salamanca on October 4 will be eligible. Also the planned tests of Pamplona, ​​on September 19; Ibiza, on October 25; and Seville, on November 1.

International competition and others

If the development and recovery of competitions in the international arena does not reflect news, in Spain tests of the European Junior Cup will be held in Banyoles on September 5; in Barcelona on October 4; and the World Cup, in Valencia, November 7. Likewise, FETRI maintains collaboration with IRONMAN for the development of its tests in Barcelona on October 4; Vitoria, on October 11; Marbella, on October 25; and Mallorca, on October 31; and with Challenge Paguera, on October 17.

The programming of FETRI 2020 competitions is subject to the current situation and evolution of the general health situation, always depending on the conditions and precepts that may be set by the administrative and health authorities at all times.

FETRI's commitment, proven in the development and leadership of security and contingency plans, as well as protocols for the responsible return to sport, is maintained with the strict application of the same in all the events that make up its calendar.


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