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Published Circuits of the Korona Triathlon MD Aranjuez

The organization has published the definitive circuits of the test

El Triathlon of Aranjuez MD (1,9-94-21), the next 11 of May will be played in the well-known Madrid town that is also World Heritage.

The test is included in the circuit Korona Madrid composed of 5 tests combining duathlon and triathlon at various distances.

The test is organized by Tactika Culture Sport, organizers of Ecotrimad and now we know their definitive circuits

Swimming Segment (1.900 meters)

Participants They will swim in the Tagus River, by the margins of the royal gardens, to a single turn with several buoys left to the left.

The transitions will take place in the Boxes located on the sports court of the Canoeing Club and attached to the delivery of numbers.

Segment Cycling (94 kilometers)

The bike route will be 92kms (19 km link + THREE 18 km laps + 19 km link). You will leave Aranjuez through a lane for cyclists. This 19 km link is completely flat.

The ring of 18 km has 3 parts of about 6 km each: an initial of rise towards Colmenar de Oreja, another central third that starts with a downhill with many sharp turns and continue with a straight downhill. The last third of the ring is completely flat.

The cyclists' lane will be cut to traffic at all times.

It will be one test WITHOUT Drafting. It is not allowed to “go to the wheel”. The use of "goat" is allowed

Race segment on foot (21 kilometers)


 As for the Race it will be completely flat for the prince gardens, En a circuit to 3 turns, that will run at all times it goes through the historical sites to finish in the street of the queen, a spectacular final point for the test.

Further information: http://www.koronamadrid.com/

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