Camilo Puertas and Katherine Anne Mills win the Seville Triathlon

The Andalusian capital hosted this Sunday, October 10, the XXIV edition of the Austral Triathlon of Seville after a stoppage forced by the pandemic where more than 1.400 athletes have participated in the event.

In addition, the Andalusian Olympic distance Championship has been contested, which scored for the national triathlon ranking.

The Cordovan triathlete has prevailed in the test Camilo Puertas and the American resident in Seville Katherine Anne Mills.

Puertas has sentenced his triumph in Seville in the race on foot being the fastest of a group of 6 units that already marked differences after the swimming sector.

The winner has stopped the clock in a final time of 1 hour, 52 minutes and 34 seconds. Just over two minutes later, Jesús Pulido crossed the arch in second place while Eduardo Escalante closed the men's podium.

In the women Anne Mills has imposed its law from start to finish, obtaining an advantage of more than three minutes over Sandra Schenkel who, despite going up time in the race on foot, could not hunt down the triathlete from CD Credus.

The third place was decided in the last leg of the race on foot between Irene Alcaide, third, and Zoe Bello who stayed with the fourth position of this Andalusian Championship.

In the sprint distance Julie Balcarova has prevailed with solvency in the women's event, stopping in time in 1 hour, 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which has meant an advantage of more than 5 minutes over Eva Alegría and 8 over Gisela Oviedo who closed the positions honorary.

Rafael Arroyo did the same in the men's event, winning with a time of 1 hour, 3 minutes and 39 seconds. The second place was for David Ramírez 15 seconds behind the winner while the third place on the podium was for Marcos Barranco.

In this way, the test has returned to the national calendar with all the intention of staying and continuing to be a benchmark test for triathlon and continue promoting popular sport in the community.

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