What should you take into account to choose a Camper and travel this summer?

Surely it has ever crossed your mind to rent a Camper

 Now that we are in the new normal, and surely you are looking for a destination to have a vacation, adapted to this situation, surely it has crossed your mind to rent a Camper to be able to enjoy the freedom it offers you and all the benefits of traveling on your own.

Our friends Road surfer, they have extensive experience in renting this type of vehicle and we have asked them about the models that are ideal for the athlete

In this article we are going to talk about the Volkswagen California T6 and Wolkswagen t6 california beach

If you travel as a couple or friends

The option is the «Surfer Suite» Volkswagen California T6

For those who have already tried this type of transport, they know this model, since it is one of the "Classics". It is ideal for couples or groups of friends.

With the latest updates this Camper is a sure hit. It has a well-distributed and concealed storage space, can sleep up to 4 people, has a integrated kitchen y outside shower.

In addition, for cyclists it has the option of adding a exterior luggage rack to be able to carry bicycles.

 La T6 California Ocean, the «Surfer Suite» it has everything you need for a good vacation

These are some of the characteristics

Here you can find more information:  https://roadsurfer.com/es/alquilar-volkswagen-california-t6/

If you travel as a family

Your option is the «Beach Hostel Deluxe» Wolkswagen T6 California Beach

This option is ideal for traveling as a family, it has 5 seats, 3 child seats, lift roof and a bed that fills the full width of the van.

It has a 31 liter cooler ideal for keeping cold drinks, food, etc. and a portable gas stove to be able to cook outside.

These are some of its characteristics

Here you can find more information: https://roadsurfer.com/es/alquilar-volkswagen-california-beach/

What does traveling by van offer you?

The freedom of movement, the security of isolation that is now so necessary, traveling in a more economical way and discovering new places that you would not go to, are some of the things that will surely make you consider trying them.

In this article, we already talked about everything you can do with a CamperAnd if you are also an athlete, once you try this lifestyle, there will be no countdown.

We recommend some reservoirs to travel this summer

If you like sports or enjoy the beautiful landscapes that our country offers, in this article we leave you a compilation paradise reservoirs to swim, enjoy and travel with the Camper

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