What sports can be practiced in Phase 2?

There will be a very important change for sports in phase 2: non-professional physical activity can be done at any time.

According to the newspaper 20 minutes, some new sports, including gymnasium openingin phase 2 are added to those that already had correr, surf, Cycling, tennis, golf, athletics...

An important step for many is the opening of sports pools, both outdoors and indoors.

In addition, you can also go to the beach, where you can do sports, professional or recreational activities individually and without physical contact.

Of what there is to forgetting is about football, basketball, etc ...

It should also be remembered that although the use of masks is mandatory since Thursday May 21, it is not for outdoor sports. This was explained by Fernando Simón, director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies.

Sports in phase 2

In the event that the territories are in Phase 2, the number of members of the sports groups amounts to 15, but always respecting the nature of the sport without contact and respecting the established safety distances along with the rest of hygienic protocols.

The shows and outdoor sports activities will be limitedor, in terms similar to cultural and leisure activities.

Isports facilities in closed spaces without public and just to play sports where there is no contact or the risk of contagion is low.

Pools: your capacity at 30%, with one swimmer per street and always respecting the two meters distance between groups.

Beaches, will be open for any activity, although each autonomy will take its own measures. 

El tennis and paddle tennis can also be practiced, now yes, in 'indoor' clubs.

The gyms they will continue with more people and the same norms of social distance: with appointment and 30% of its capacity.

The  professional competitions they can also resume competition without public present on the premises.

New schedules

There will be a very important change for sports in phase 2: carry out non-professional physical activity at any time.

The other major major change, mentioned above, is that you can play sports in groups of up to 15 people. Until this Monday only 10 people per group were allowed.

Finally there is an exception. In the mmunicipalities with less than 10.000 inhabitants and with a population density of less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer There will be no restrictive time slots of any kind. 

In addition, groups of up to 15 people can be formed even if the territory is in phase 1.

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