What places will be the first to de-escalate?

The Government is studying how to de-escalate, now that the curve is being controlled

The Government is studying how to de-escalate, now that it is going controlling the curve between the number of deceased and the number of infected.

This next Sunday, the first measure of confinement will begin with the permission to leave children up to 14 years old, always accompanied by one of their parents.

Minister Salvador Illa has repeated on several occasions that the de-escalation is going to be "asymmetric", but it will not be cut by the pattern of autonomy.

The sports world is waiting for permission to leave

From the world of sports, more and more pressure is being made to allow them to go out and practice sports outdoors.

The example is that a CSD has already been presented plan with recommended measures for the return to sports practice, both professional and amateur

Even the Gyms are already evaluating their commissioning for mid-June

The Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE) give the reason in this approach and point in one direction: «It would be necessary to begin with territories with little population and many infections«.

"It would be necessary to begin with territories with little population and many infections"

As in any battle, for the purpose of confinement it is necessary to find the best ally, and that role, in this case, will be played by the antibodies.

His secretary Federico Arriba, commented to MSN some of the measures they propose

It would be positive to start in places where there are no crowds

Therefore, urban centers in which a large number of people meet daily in shops, public transport and outdoor areas would be ruled out.

The first de-escalation measures should be applied in territories where a large part of the population has overcome the coronavirus »

 In these towns, many neighbors are no longer contagious and, in turn, cannot contract the disease again.

Cobaya Towns:

Some of these 'guinea pig' localities, which would be used to measure the effects of the de-escalation, could be found in the communities of Castilla La-Mancha and La Rioja, since they are the ones that have the most infections per 100.000 inhabitants.

However, the large cities of those autonomies would not be good candidates to be pioneers in ending confinement for the same reason as Madrid or Barcelona.

Among the municipalities of these Autonomous Communities (although the process could be imitated in all the communities), those in which the balance between a low population density and a high level of infections.

The key factor: that medical care can be offered with guarantees if you fall ill

Another thing that experts are clear about is that the de-escalation phase has to begin in the territories whose ICUs have overcome the stress of the first weeks.

In other words: those municipalities that can offer their citizens guarantees of being able to receive medical attention in the event of falling ill.

In addition, the Ministry of Health indicates that it is also essential that the number of new daily infections does not exceed two cases per 100.000 inhabitants.

"The end of this pandemic will be like the beginning"

In the first days, when the virus arrived from China, the health authorities monitored the few cases of contagion to find out which spaces they had frequented and with whom they had visited.

In this way, many potential COVID transmitters could be quarantined even though they still did not show symptoms.

"When the boom of new cases passes, the mechanics should be similar."

Thus, an exhaustive monitoring of new cases will be carried out and their movements will be controlled in order to minimize the contagion effect.

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