What options do Spaniards have for the podium in the Triathlon World Series?

We analyze the options that our Triarmada have to get to be in the final podium of the WTS 2019.

This next Saturday the Grand Final of the World Series of Triathlon 2019 where we will finally meet the new world champion. They arrive at the appointment Mario Mola, Javier Gómez Noya y Fernando Alarza With options to get the world title and in this article we analyze in which cases they could be on top of the drawer.

Vicent Luis arrives as leader to the Grand Final, with two podiums, a fourth place and two fifths, in a season where he has been the most regular with 397 points of advantage over Mario Mola and 493 on Javier Gómez Noya. This season 15 different athletes have obtained a podium.

The Frenchman is worth being fifth in the test in the event that Mola wins the test or eighth if Noya wins.

On the other hand in the following article we have made a Detailed analysis of the possibilities that the 6 first classified to get the title.

6 different winners in the WTS 2019

This season Mario Mola (Abu Dhabi), Dorian Conix (Bermuda), Vicent Luis (Yokohama), Jacob Birtwhisle (Leeds and Hamburg), Jelle Geens (Montreal) and Jonathan Brownlee (Edmonton) have won a WTS event, which makes many combinations possible. in view of the last appointment of the season.

You can check in this link, the pre-career with the favorites and the complete departure list

Triarmada options

Mario Mola

The winner of the last 3 editions of the WTS Mario Mola, comes second in the Ranking in an irregular season, although he has been the one with the most podiums in the WTS with 3.

The Mallorcan seems to have found the sensations again and will try to fight until the end to get what would be his fourth world title

Mario Mola has options to get what would be his fourth world title but he does not depend on himself to get it. These would be your options, but they all happen to win.

  • Mario Mola is champion if he wins and Vicent Luis is 6º
  • Mario Mola is champion if he is second and Vicent Luis 8º
  • Mario Mola is champion if he is third and Vicent Luis 9º

Javier Gómez Noya

The five-time Galician triathlete of the World has returned this year to the WTS after a year focused on IRONMAN and has done so in a very regular way that leaves him options to get the title.

  • Javier Gómez Noya would be World Champion in the event that he won the test, Mario Mola 3º and Vicent Luis were 8º

Fernando Alarza

It is the fourth ranked in the Ranking and also has mathematical options to get the title, although it depends on the poor performance of the 3 that lies ahead in the classification.

  • Fernando Alarza He would be world champion if he wins, Javier Gómez Noya 6th, Mario Mola 7th and Vicent Luis is 18th.

Fernando would surpass Noya in the Ranking and would be third if he wins the test and Galician is 3º

The most likely option Noya and Mola on the podium

This option is one of the most likely, since the first classified 3 depend on themselves and have an advantage that will allow them to be on the podium.

Vicent Luis, Mario Mola and Javier Gómez Noya would be on the podium as long as Jacob Birtwhisle does not win the test, Javier Gómez Noya 7º and Mario Mola is 9º.

Where to see live the Grand Final of the World Series?

The Grand Final can be followed live through TV and various online channels.

Male test

  • Date: 31 August, Saturday
  • Local time: 14: 21 PM
  • Spanish time: 14: 21 PM

Female test:

  • Date: 31 August, Saturday
  • Local time: 17: 06 PM
  • Spanish time: 17: 06 PM


By television

  • Teledeporte  (It is scheduled from the 16: 00 the male test and the deferred female test to the 4: 30 on Sunday morning.)

By Web:

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