Lammergeier Triathlon has a date

After the controversy of the month of February in which the FATRI disavowed the test QH triathlon For a series of reasons, both parties began to collaborate to complete what was necessary to regularize the situation.



After several conversations including personal meetings, the good disposition of the parties involved manages to reach an agreement.


QH TRIATHLON baptized as the hardest triathlon in Spain, will be an official test included in the Aragonese triathlon calendar y the next one will be played Julio's 7 at Sallent de Gállego in distance 1,900 + 85 + 20.


The FATRI achieves the goal of separating both tests with at least two weeks between them, so that the Aragonese athletes can participate in both, the shortage of this type of tests in Aragon forces our specialists to travel through different provinces in search of competitions and have two on the same day was to miss a great opportunity.


The agreement between the parties will be for 2013 and 2014, the FATRI wants to thank the collaborating will of all the parties involved, such as clubs, town halls and organizers without which the agreement would have been possible.

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