Who has been the youngest winner of the IRONMAN in Hawaii?

El IRONMAN World Championship Kona (Hawaii) is the mecca of triathlon and is the test that every professional triathlete wants to win to enter the history of the greats of this sport.

During all the years that this competition has been held, the first edition was in 1978, 44 champions and 43 champions.

Who have been the youngest triathletes to win the IRONMAN Hawaii?

The youngest winners to win IM Kona have been Kathleen McCartney (in February 1982) and Sylviane Puntous (1983) both with 22 years.

The youngest male winner was Scott Tinley (in February 1982) with 25 years.

And in the 2.000s, who have been the youngest?

It should be noted that most of the "young" who have won Kona were in the first editions in which the IRONMAN of Hawaii was held.

Currently (2.000s) Daniela Ryf She has been the youngest triathlete to win when she was 28 years old in 2015, although there are 11 triathletes who won the title younger than her.

As for the male triathletes, the youngest were Faris Al-Sultan (won when he was 27) and Kristian Blummenfelt (aged 28 when he won at St. George 2022) and are the only winners from the 2000s under the age of 30.

IRONMAN World Champions List (Men)

1982 Feb Scott Tinley 09:19:4125
1997Thomas Hellriegel 08:33:0126
1980Dave Scott 09:24:3326
2022 OctoberGustav Iden07:40:2426
2005Faris Al-Sultan 08:14:1727
1996Luc van Lierde 08:04:0827
1978Gordon Haller 11:46:5827
May 2022 Kristian Blummenfelt 07:49:1528
1988Scott Molina 08:31:0028
1982Dave Scott 09:08:2328
1998Peter Reid 08:24:2029
1994Greg Welch 08:20:2729
1985Scott Tinley08:50:5429
1983Dave Scott 09:05:5729
2014Sebastian Kienle 08:14:1830
2012Pete Jacobs 08:18:3730
2001Tim DeBoom 08:31:1830
1999Luc van Lierde 08:17:1730
1984Dave Scott 08:54:2030
2017Patrick Lange 08:01:4031
2004Normann Stadler 08:33:2931
2002Tim DeBoom 08:29:5631
2000Peter Reid 08:21:0131
1989Mark Allen 08:09:1431
2018Patrick Lange 07:52:3932
1990Mark Allen 08:28:1732
1986Dave Scott 08:28:3732
2006Normann Stadler 08:11:5833
1991Mark Allen 08:18:3233
1987Dave Scott 08:34:1333
1981John howard 09:38:2933
2015Jan Frodeno 08:14:4034
2013Frederik Van Lierde 08:12:2934
2007Chris McCormack 08:15:3434
2003Peter Reid 08:22:3534
1992Mark Allen 08:09:0834
2016Jan Frodeno 08:06:3035
2008Craig Alexander 08:17:4535
1993Mark Allen 08:07:4535
1979Tom Warren 11:15:5635
2009Craig Alexander 08:20:2136
1995Mark Allen 08:20:3437
2019Jan Frodeno 07:51:1338
2011Craig Alexander 08:03:5638
2010Chris McCormack 08:10:3738

List of IRONMAN World Champions (Women)

1983Sylviane Puntous10:43:3622
1982 FebKathleen McCartney11:09:4022
1984Sylviane Puntous10:25:1323
1986Paula Newby-Fraser9:49:1424
1982Julie Leach10:54:0825
1988Paula Newby-Fraser9:01:0126
1987Erin Baker9:35:2526
1985joanne ernst10:25:2226
1989Paula Newby-Fraser9:00:5627
1980Robin Beck11:21:2427
1979Lyn Lemaire12:55:3827
1978Gordon Haller11:46:5827
2015Daniela Ryf8:57:5728
1981Linda Sweney12:02:3228
2016Daniela Ryf8:46:4629
2010Mirinda Carfrae8:58:3629
1997Heather fuhr9:31:4329
1991Paula Newby-Fraser9:07:5229
1990Erin Baker9:13:4229
2017Daniela Ryf8:50:4730
2007Chrissie Wellington9:08:4530
1992Paula Newby-Fraser8:55:2830
2018Daniela Ryf8:26:1831
2008Chrissie Wellington9:06:2331
1998Natascha Badmann9:24:1631
1993Paula Newby-Fraser8:58:2331
2013Mirinda Carfrae8:52:1432
2009Chrissie Wellington8:54:0232
1999Lori Bowden9:13:0232
1994Paula Newby-Fraser9:20:1432
2014Mirinda Carfrae9:00:5533
2000Natascha Badmann9:26:1733
2022Chelsea Sodaro8:33:4633
May 2022Daniela Ryf8:34:5834
2012Leanda Cave9:15:5434
2011Chrissie Wellington8:55:0834
2001Natascha Badmann9:28:3734
1996Paula Newby-Fraser9:06:4934
1995Karen smyers9:16:4634
2002Natascha Badmann9:07:5435
2019Anne Haug8:40:1036
2003Lori Bowden9:11:5536
2006Michellie Jones9:18:3137
2004Natascha Badmann9:50:0437
2005Natascha Badmann9:09:3038

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