Who can be 2019 Triathlon World Champion?

There are even 6 triathletes who have options to get the world title.

This coming weekend the Grand Final of the World Series of Triathlon where the French Vicent Luis It is the one that has more options to get the title.

In this article we analyze the options that the 6 ranked first in the Ranking, that mathematically they could be world champions.

This season they have won a WTS test Mario Mola (Abu Dhabi), Dorian Conix (Bermuda), Vicent Luis (Yokohama), Jacob Birtwhisle (Leeds and Hamburg), Jelle Geens (Montreal) and Jonathan Brownlee (Edmonton)

We remember that the Grand Final is played over Olympic distance, distance in which Noya has achieved two podiums this season.

Vicent Luis

It is the one that has more options to get the title. This season is the most regular with two podiums, a fourth place, two fifths and a sixth.

  • To french it is worth it to be 5º whenever Mario Mola wins.
  • Other cases in which he could be World Champion if he is 8th as long as Javier Gómez Noya wins and Mario Mola is third 3rd.

Mario Mola

The Mallorcan with 3 podiums this season, is again at a great level as he showed after being second in the Edmonton WTS.

Mola has options to get what would be his fourth world title but does not depend on himself to get it. These would be your options, but they all happen to win.

  • Mario Mola is champion if he wins and Vicent Luis is 6º
  • Mario Mola is champion if he is second and Vicent Luis 8º
  • Mario Mola is champion if he is third and Vicent Luis 9º

Javier Gómez Noya

The Galician triathlete 5 times world champion has returned to the WTS this year with a great performance. He also has podium options, but he always depends on winning the test.

  • Javier Gómez Noya would be World Champion in the event that he won the test, Mario Mola 3º and Vicent Luis were 8º

Fernando Alarza

The talaverano, has options, but they are complicated, since It depends on those who go ahead of him in the Ranking have a bad day

  • Fernando Alarza He would be world champion if he wins, Javier Gómez Noya 6th, Mario Mola 7th and Vicent Luis is 18th.

Fernando would surpass Noya in the Ranking and would be third if he wins the test and Galician is 3º

Jacob Birtwhisle

Like Alarza, it depends on the performance of the first in the ranking. Although he has won two tests this season he has not been one of the most regular triathletes of the season.

  • He would be World Champion if Fernando Alarza wins is 2º, Javier Gómez Noya 7º, Mario Mola 9º and Vicent Luis 19º

Marten Van Riel

It is in the same case as the previous two.

  • The Belgian would be World Champion if he wins, Jacob Birthisle is 5º, Fernando Alarza is 6º, Javier Gómez Noya 12º, Mario Mola 14º and Vicent Luis 39º.

Spanish Triplet Options

In order for us to see a Spanish triplet on the podium of the 2019 World Series, one of these combinations would have to occur:

  • Fernando Alarza would have to win. Mario Mola and Javier Noya occupy the other two podium seats and Vicent Luis would have to be 16º
  • If Fernando is second, Mario Mola and Javier Noya occupy the other two podium seats and Vicent Luis 20º
  • If Fernando is third, Mola and Noya at the podium and Vicent Luis would have to be 24º

Noya and Mola on the podium

This option is one of the most likely, since they are the first classified 3 and depend on themselves.

  • They would be on the podium as long as Jacob Birtwhisle don't win the test, Javier Gómez Noya 7º and Mario Mola be 9º.

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